GLOW : Freaky Tuesday

Episode 5

In a episode that reminds me I should never worry too much about where stories are going we get a bit of a spotlight on the fantastically wonderful Kia Stevens who if I haven’t told you a few hundred times before was a hero of mine in wrestling for many years.

In a way anyway.

Her back is so bad she ends up being the one that forces the Freaky Tuesday to happen which was Debbie’s way to ruin a extension of their contract but which ends up being super entertaining and making Sandy enjoy herself through her depression of losing a father figure.

It also was the first time we actually got wrestling and what a wrestling show it was! I would not have been unhappy to see this show if I had paid for it, it was hilarious and topped off with Sheila coming out dressed as Liza Minnelli with Bobby so proud in the backstage area.

Oh I do hope Bobby sticks around with the girls.

I’m a little upset that we didn’t really go into anything with Tamme, again it feels very much like each episode has its own problems that are mainly dealt with within said episode but the episode also has a lot of other things going and it just so happened that Tamme’s back led to us actually seeing the show which took up a bunch of the episode.

Tamme’s back is only one problem now.

Bash decides to make the decision on whether or not GLOW stays at the Fan-Tan on his own threatening to fire anyone who doesn’t agree.

With Tamme’s back out, Debbie very much ready to walk for her child, Carmen with the words of her brother ringing in her ears and the others looking not the least bit impressed their lives have been made up for them for 9 months by a guy that didn’t even buy them breakfast first it feels like the first half of this season was there mainly to build up for a big fall out.

Just I don’t think there will be.

Whilst I’m enjoying the series a lot and love every episode there is a part of me that feels that a lot of the drama is being forced and won’t in the end be dealt with.

Bash now has this growing relationship with Rhonda and the hidden truth that he’s gay as well as now wanting to be in charge all of a sudden because a gay man called him out on being gay. Unless there is a mass walk out in the next episode then nothing really comes of any of that and it wasn’t a decent build up either.

Then you have Sam and Ruth which is running around in circles. She’s determined to read his screenplay because he let Sheila read it, she’s in love with him and won’t admit it… Like we get it, we’ve got it the entire time but now its a thread that needs to be tied because its losing its steam. It no longer is a sweet thing or a sad thing or any kind of thing it is just a annoying reminder every episode that THAT is what those two characters now boil down to.

Even Sheila’s transformation which had a bit of development in the last two episode and was a absolute winner from the moment she walked out felt ruined because it was constantly rushed between other stories that it didn’t get to breath. We know what she wanted, we saw the way she’d get it and we saw her getting it but the threads holding all of that together weren’t there and that was sad.

Again though it was a fun episode, in fact my favourite of the series. I loved seeing them all have fun I just don’t feel that we’ll get a decent pay off to anything.

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