Astra Lost in Space : Meteor

Episode 3

So they managed to get food and water on Vilavurs and now they are on their way to the next planet. Right now it is just the dangers of space and living in a small space with a bunch of near strangers that are any kind of threat to the team.

So whilst I think that everything is kind of pointing towards Ulgar being the one that has done all this, what with him suddenly finding a gun aboard the ship and being antisocial with the requirements of the “attacker” being that they are aware this might be a suicide mission and him not having a good relationship with his father who is the vice principal I still think that this is going to be Aries.

She’s just always there, always changing the subject and too happy about what is going on. Why was it her equipment that didn’t work? What is she even doing on this trip and why did her transfer just coincide with Funi’s adoption.

Well I mean that makes a little sense I guess, if someone is bringing them all together to kill them all then it would all happen about the same time.

It just doesn’t sit well with me.

Nothing about Aries does.

That being said I do believe it might just end up being Ulgar.

My other “most obvious” candidate was Yun-Hua but her attitude seems to have been explained away when she nearly drowned by accident and had a flashback of a person I’m guessing was her mum telling her that if she can’t be useful she might as well be hidden away which would explain her constantly apologising and, well, hiding away.

So that just leaves Ulgar.

Then again why Funi? Why Quitterie? Why any of them really?

This episode ended with them kind of forgetting all about that in a way. A complete accident when some pebbles from a Meteor hit the ship leaves them nearly crashing to their deaths anyway and they have to work together as a team to fix that problem, the fact that absolutely everyone worked together to sort it out kind of makes it hard to then decide which one is the one that wants everyone dead. Even Ulgar showed up to shoot something out of the air with the glue gun to start the power back up.

So then maybe this is a test after all? Maybe  I need to re-watch the first two episode and actually keep a eye out for subtle hints of someone giving off hints all the time to what they should do to avoid death.

Guess who I have for this episode?


Yeah I’m not giving up on it.

She was the one that only after being told it was impossible to fix the generator before they all died pipped up that she saw a backup generator and kick started the entire plan to save themselves.

Thing is at this point all of the characters have moments that prove both that they could be the person and couldn’t be, which I guess is what Kanata was saying at the beginning of the episode. I’m not even sure whether or not to narrow it down to those who were around the last time the ball showed up or not, they could have been remotely activating it to get rid of a huge group including Kanata who is obviously the one keeping everyone together but they could have been with them at the same time hoping that with enough people gone the others would fall apart and just die anyway.

I just don’t know!

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