GLOW : Say Yes

Episode 4

From forcing something that isn’t really there anymore to forcing things into a show that shouldn’t really be there this entire episode was a bit of a circus that once more ended with me in tears…

So we’ll get everything over with first.

Bash is a idiot and will hire anyone who entertains him, because him and Rhonda had been getting on for so long I forgot that there was this entire “he probably is gay” story going on in the background as well which plays into the thing I really want to talk about later. To be fair the entire hiring all these acts things didn’t actually play out to any big thing and unless we’re suddenly going to actually see one of the shows or something it was just one magic act and a cheap laugh as two jugglers get a job after ambushing him in a elevator and then one of them gets to spend the evening waiting for Debbie in her room.

Like a lot of things this season there were a lot of things happening that never payed off in the end.

Debbie suddenly befriending Cherry and them bonding over a joint was cute but again unless it is carried on this and her bonding with Ruth in the last episode will mean nothing and Debbie will continue to be Debbie. I guess this wasn’t for Debbie anyway it was for Cherry who is looking at facing life without Keith after he walked out on her in the last episode. I don’t know who has the better chemistry Betty Gilpin and Alison Brie or Gilpin and Sydelle Noel but either way there is a formidable group there if they ever put their heads together.

Talking of Ruth she just needs to get her head together as she spends the episode with Russell thinking about Sam and ruining things with Russell. There isn’t much to say about their parts, it was nice to see Victor Quinaz back for a episode but it was all very forced to make this story with Sam play out faster then it needs to be.

I mean it was a slow burner but now its like a wild fire.

We also got Carlito back which was great because him and Britney Young have great chemistry but also terrible because him and Young have great chemistry and you just want him to stick around and be in more episode. He opens the door to Carmen actually leaving GLOW at the end of this run by telling her she’s ready to properly go pro, saying he doesn’t get how she puts the same matches on night after night. It’ll be interesting to see what Carmen decides to do with her being distant from both Bash and Rhonda and very much being the one there that cares deeply about wrestling.

Now the bit that I loved.

So there was this drag act all throughout the episode who befriends Rhonda.

That in itself isn’t important. He’s there to be a reminder of the Bash story but to also befriend Sheila which is the bit I do care about.

I really REALLY liked when the girls went to see the act but I honestly loved the back and forth Sheila had with him, by the end of the episode when the act was putting on a show for Bash to try and get some help, him saying no because he’s being forced in a way to come to terms with who he is, there was a bonding moment you don’t see often with Sheila and real emotions that actually touched me so much.

I felt in the last episode the acting coach bit didn’t really lead to anything but I do think we’ll be seeing a different side to Sheila. Don’t get me wrong she’s had “coming out of her shell” moments in both previous series but I really feel like she’s going to be the star of this season if she keeps up like this. Her relationship with I think the guys name is Bobby could be one of the most tender and emotional ones we’ll see, her taking her wig off and giving it to him to brush was one of the sweetest moments I’ve ever seen and I just fell in love with Sheila all over again.

She’s just the best and I don’t think Gayle Rankin gets enough credit for being one of the most genuine and amazing characters in this show.

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