Astra Lost in Space : Wilderness

Episode 2

We have Voyager with kids in anime form. A group trying to get home after being thrown into space by a mysterious blob.

This is my kind of anime.

I feel like Kanata gets too many grand speeches about his life.

Don’t get me wrong Kanata is interesting but we had the story about his teacher in the last episode and now we have a second one with the added bonus of his father to basically reinforce the sentiment that they want Kanata to be their captain. They already decided that in the last episode and the only reason anyone disagreed with it was because Quitterie had a turn which was then explained by Zack as her mother never really having time for her.

Personally enjoyed the entire episode but I do think I liked the stuff away from the personal drama more. Them exploring the planet, Charce being all stupid with the wildlife and Luca messing around with the branch that looked like a spear was great and I loved seeing them bonding over exploring and food.

It isn’t even that I don’t like their stories or anything but as I said it constantly comes back to Kanata and I think the audience at least gets it now. Also doesn’t help that Aries is basically there to double down on reminding us that Kanata is the hero and we should all love him and praise him. For example YES his amazing ability is down to being a decathlete but she had to chime in with it being because he wants to help his friends.

We got that point plenty of times now from what Kanata has said himself we didn’t need Aries to then blurt it out.

Thing is we’re getting so much dialogue tim wasted on the same story just more in depth when it was just a bit of a gloss over why Quitterie is the way she is. I would have liked to have seen more of Quitterie and Funi’s story then have another long speech about why Kanata is the way he is.

Still got some really funny moments and some really serious moments, there is still this pull between it being a comedy where the kids are trying to get home and a serious survival mystery where the kids are trying to get home.

Oh and the ball shows up again but this time they are all able to outrun it. This along with the fact that Zack thinks that the communicator has been tampered with leads us to believe that someone on the ship is doing this on purpose, probably controlling both the ball and what happens in the ship which I guess is something that could be happening.

I think the obvious candidates will be Ulgar and Yun-Hua mainly because of them being shy, antisocial and having not really bonded with the group yet. I kind of also think that maybe this is part of the test still and whilst they might be right that it is dangerous we’ll find out at the end that someone was always there leading us down the right path to be safe. That is less likely and in the end it could be about anyone that is doing this, my money is on Aries because a character can’t be that annoying for no reason, for any reason and I guess the fun is finding out!

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