GLOW : Desert Pollen

Episode 3

There hasn’t been much wrestling yet but we’ve seen them come together as a group to get over bad luck for a opening night and then seen people come together as the relationships that have formed during their time together grew.

What could possibly be next?

I’m going to say it.

I love that the show showed respect to Show Girls.

Whilst the ladies joked about the dance class that Cherry has forced them to take the show spends the time with the Show Girls showing the training and work that goes into their job and I think it is such a perfect message to be throwing into this show. A show obviously about another profession that people look down on when it comes to the females in the job should show that there is a lot of work that goes into jobs like that.

Really enjoyed the acting class with Tamme and Sheila but feel like it was too short, there was no real build up to it so when the coach was being a dick to Sheila about what she was wearing I didn’t really care. Like we know people are weird about Sheila but this is a acting class so why would she wear anything different. It made no sense. It showed the acting talent of both Kia Stevens and Gayle Rankin who stole the episode with their short bits and also told us about Tamme’s back problems which will no doubt be important later.

Sometimes I get really upset though that Debbie remembers that she’s meant to hate Ruth because their friendship is honestly the greatest. I get why they wanted to have that tension but I really hope now they can mend that relationship fully and have more scenes like them eating hamburgers together.

It would be nice at this point for them both to have someone to go to.

Talking of people to go to Melrose might need to turn to someone after getting herself a $200 receipt from a Gigalo in one of the most hilarious confrontations so far. I see that being a problem.

As well as the two producers that Bash has befriended.

You know the two who decided the best place to have a dirty talk about show girls breasts was in front of wrestlers that they were talking down too because they don’t get their breasts out enough.

That is a thing.

It was again a really good thing though because again it is the way people even today treat females in general let alone those in the wrestling business.

Whilst the “big bad” of the season looked to be Sandy it turns out she might be a blessing for Debbie later in the season and it’ll be Bash and his need to rub shoulders with douche bags like that that’ll bring the big drama by the end of the season.

If anything I would say by episode 3 there isn’t really anything pushing a main story along. We’ve had lots of little ones, a lot of positioning and repositioning of the characters but nothing big. Again there hasn’t been much wrestling or even that much of a focus on the wrestling. Other than Debbie’s slow move towards yet another break down, Ruth and Sam and now Cherry deciding against having kids and the, hopefully not, break down of her marriage plus a few other little things here and there honestly there hasn’t been anything that can’t be done with in one episode or that would affect the other characters in any way shape or form.

Obviously we might be heading towards Tamme having to retire and maybe shenanigans with Melrose trying to get money but there has been nothing big to keep pulling you back if you weren’t already madly in love with the show and the characters.

Maybe by season three they don’t need to either.

I’m still enjoying it a whole bunch.

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