Demon Slayer : Kimetsu No Yaiba : Hinokami

Episode 19

Hinokami” (ヒノカミ)

Not only is it time for a fantastic episode but it is time for me to tell you all that I was right all along.

I mean it isn’t a good thing that I’m right but Rui turns out to be the one in the family that belong to the Lower Five of the Twelve and yet his neck is so tough that the stub of sword that Tanjiro had banged against it like it would a iron pot.

For a fight against one of the Twelve it was really good and it took Tanjiro and Nezuko unlocking powers they didn’t really know they had through flashes of their family and visits from their spirits and working together to get the job done but the job is indeed done and it turns out that even though he’s using a Water Breathing Technique he can mix that up quite well with a fire technique that his father taught him.

I mean it was a interesting concept and it wasn’t lost on Tanjiro that when he stopped moving he would have to pay the price of using fire and water together which is interesting and I guess we’ll see how it plays out in the next episode.

Personally I’m a bit upset that Inosuke didn’t get his moment in the spotlight. Both Tanjiro and Zenitsu got to show off their power and now I kind of feel like it should have been Inosuke that defeated mum or at least Father. I get that we’re now going to probably end up learning more about him and lead to a interesting moment for him, or at least in the last few episodes that is what I hope for, but I just feel like it was a missed opportunity to really nail home character development and backstory for all three.

That being said the ending to this episode, the death of Rui and then the credit scene being the way it was, just made this even better and I really want to see the next episode now.

Plus the sister is still actually running around trying to kill people to prove herself to Rui so I guess there is a chance that she’ll be killed by Inosuke.

It was a good episode.

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