Astra Lost in Space : Planet Camp

Episode 1

So I feel like only doing one anime this season is a bit of a cop out plus we’ll only be doing like 5 anime all season meaning we can’t do a 5 Things… at the end of the season so I thought I’d pick up one or two more shows and started with Astra Lost in Space.

It was tagged as a Mystery in Space so why the heck not? I like Mysteries.

It had a feature length first episode which helped it breath a lot, it went from a fun and sweet comedy to something much more serious very fast but I liked it a whole bunch. All of the characters came across as having unique personalities, sure most of them are over the top but I’m hoping we get to know them all and their backgrounds at some point. Together they make a really weird bunch but they kind of work.

We seem to have the two main characters already, Aries and Kanata. Aries has been pretty much the focus of the episode but Kanata at first announces that he’ll be Captain and then actually goes out of his way to prove that he deserves it when he goes into space to save Aries. Kanata is a fun character but I think Aries will get annoying quite fast. She isn’t just a silly character shes’ a dumb character and it is a little annoying already but she kind of works with some of the other characters being a airhead and optimist in the midst of a few emo looking guys and gals.

I guess what intrigues me with this is where it is all going to go in the end.

Again this is mainly because of the way the show itself has presented itself so far. With all the comedy moments it could end up being a trip through space, they now have plotted a course to land on 5 different planets to collect food and water to make it home.

When at first they figured out how far they are away from home and the rest of it it looked like the survival would be in rationing and trying not to drive each other insane until they get back but that angle seems to have disappeared and it is more like a Voyager trip with kids instead of qualified space people.

That being said they have a genius, they have a decent leader, a optimist and a annoying kid. They also have a biologist which might come in handy when they actually land so their survival chances are quite high but I was kind of hoping it would be less like Voyager and more actually Lost in Space. Not that I’ll complain if it is the anime version of one of my all time favourite TV Shows of course.

Right now I guess it is just good that I like the characters and the animation design enough that I want to find out what it is all about because I do think that if the other characters hadn’t been good and the animation had been so beautiful that Aries might have turned me off with some of the stupid things she came out with. It is bad enough having Kanata acting stupid half the time we don’t need a second character doing the same thing. Everyone hung on Kanata’s words so I don’t see the point in having Aries basically repeat them back to everyone.

Good first episode though.

2 thoughts on “Astra Lost in Space : Planet Camp”

  1. This one has been quite fun so far and I’m really looking forward to seeing how they manage to resolve all the secrets they’ve built up. Hope you enjoy it.

    1. I have to say that I’m really happy with the pacing so far. I’ve been complaining so much about how Fire Force seems to be rushing as fast as possible and even GLOW which I binged watched seemed to be rushed and it made me worried that I’m just getting old and cranky but this is perfect, it really lets the story settle and takes its time to tell it.

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