Vinland Saga : The Troll’s Son

Episode 5

Tororu no ko” (戦鬼トロルの子)

With Thors dead and Thorfinn declaring his intention on killing Askeladd there is a need of Thorfinn learning how to actually kill people.

He needs to learn that pretty fast.

This episode couldn’t have been more perfect if it tried.

It showed the heart of Thorfinn as he fought hard just to survive, honing skills with his dagger after figuring out that the weight of the sword was too much for him. He kept going back, kept his eyes on Askeladd and kept working towards keeping his promise of killing him.

Of course it didn’t work out but he now has a goal, to do great things on a battlefield, and once he’s done that he’ll be able to challenge him once more.

Really liked the interactions between Askeladd’s people and Thorfinn, there was no ill will towards the kid and whilst they mocked him they also didn’t kill him. Why is that important? Because they land in a country and totally kill everyone in it within moments of finding it yet let this kid run around free, constantly bothering them, just because.

I guess it’ll all come down to Thors dying to protect them and all that but we’ve already seen that their take on honor and ceremony is shaky at best so why not kill the kid?

There wasn’t much more to the episode if I’m honest. It was nice to catch up with his family, seeing how his sister threw herself into work to stop herself from being upset over her fathers death and the loss of her brother and it was also interesting to see Leif declare that no matter how long it takes he’ll find Thorfinn. It’ll be nice to keep a eye on those two stories as we go because I care just as much about those characters as any other character and would like to see what happens to them both and not have it a end goal of meeting them again when Thorfinn is older and everything has changed.

That is if Thorfinn even gets home.

I’m taking it the way the episode ended Askeladd was basically telling Thorfinn to come with them and because he’s got the promise of the duel when he’s done great things in front of him he’ll go but if he doesn’t go then it seems impossible that he’ll ever meet up again with anyone if I’m honest.

He’s a kid that has no way of fending for himself to get himself home or finding someone who can travel the oceans so he’d be a little stuck.

Then again if he does go with them with the thought of going into battle with them surely someone is going to have to in some way take him under their wing? I don’t really know how Vikings did things like that but they have kept him with them and bringing him with them so surely someone is going to want to make sure he doesn’t die the second he steps onto the battlefield?

Honestly this story is just getting interesting and it was pretty damn interesting to start with!

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