GLOW : Hot Tub Club

Episode 2

The girls got through their opening night with no problems and in high spirits. What could possibly go wrong for them now?


That is what is going to go wrong. Relationships.

They also go right though.

Plus some strange.

It was nice to see the relationship between Arthie and Yolanda get some time to develop, they are a sweet little couple and whilst their problem wasn’t that life destroying it was nice to see them have a normal problem and get over it in a normal way. It was just nice that it didn’t get overshadowed by Sam and Ruth hanging out and Sam finally telling Ruth how he feels or even Bash and Rhonda having their weird little… Thing. Which was cute but it was so Bash and Rhonda.

Also getting to see Carmen point out how she lost her two best friends with Bash and Rhonda getting married was a nice touch for her character not that Bash really paid her much heed on that one but he did kind of get the point that maybe when Rhonda isn’t feeling well he should stick with her and not leave her.

Not the most flashy of episodes but it was really nice.

I like how they are letting the characters find their feet again and whilst obvious old problems are still there making new and fresh problems it is also fun and at times hilarious to see how they react to it.

Again GLOW always manages to make you laugh one second and cry the very next. Whether those tears are empathetic for the girls and their problems or in total joy at a wonderfully crafted scene it is always a roller coaster. I feel for me personally there aren’t that many moments for Debbie but this episode made my heart break for her and it was all down to the wonderful scenes with Debbie flying home to see her kid, getting annoyed at the air stewardess and then breaking down after finding out her son had taken his first steps when she left. Betty Gilpin wasn’t in many scenes in this episode but every single one counted and by the end of it I was a mess watching her on the phone, broken hearted at missing out on such a big part of her kids life.

I feel we’ll get many more of these scenes this year.

Personally I’ve never been for or against Sam and Ruth and whilst I loved that the scene in the hot tub was handled in the most Sam way possible I can take or leave them getting together. I said in the last episode that someone might get addicted to Gambling and if there is someone who is going to be addicted to it it’ll be Ruth after Sam showed her how to play then forced her into a position to deal with a problem she doesn’t want to address.

That being said as a huge fan of Kia Stevens, Tamme coming to enter the hot tub stole the show for me. That woman is amazing.

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