Demon Slayer : Kimetsu No Yaiba : A Forged Bond

Episode 18

Nisemono no Kizuna” (偽物の絆)

Father suddenly was called into battle in the last episode which means trouble for a injured Inosuke and Tanjiro.

With the two of them together they might have had a chance to get rid of him but in the state they were in and with the damage that Father could do it wasn’t too long before Tanjiro was sent flying into a fight with Rui, the boy who I’m still sure is one of the Twelve and not Father, which in its own way was more terrifying then seeing Inosuke thrown around and nearly killed by Father.

Both Giyu and Shinobu come to save Inosuke and Zenitsu but Tanjiro is going to need a different miracle.

Plus the amount of broken blades right now is ridiculous.

It was a fight heavy episode so there isn’t much to say.

Father was very obviously just a muscle head, he was able to regenerate via shedding his skin which was pretty cool and his battle with Inosuke was probably one of the best and for the first time I really felt like we were going to lose a main character but I think he’ll make it through.

As for Rui he uses the spider threads to cut through everything which led one Demon Slayer to be sliced to pieces in seconds which was another gruesome way to die. His fight with Tanjiro is going to be more problematic but I have a feeling he’ll survive it but maybe not get to end the fight himself maybe, I have a feeling that Giyu or Shinobu will show up and kill Rui themselves.

It is interesting seeing the different ways the entire family attacked and how useful each and every one was.

We are still left with the girl and to be honest I’m pretty confused by her.

You all know I’ve always placed my money on Rui being one of the Twelve with a little bit of me thinking it’ll be her, simply though I don’t get her and don’t think she can be which leaves Rui. When she was running from the others she called Father to kill them but in the flashback to Mum being beaten by him and in this episode she came over as being meek and helpless which begs the question who she really is and why she is the way she is.

Rui on the other hand just comes across as super OP and a pretty smart guy too. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he ends up being difficult to kill, I mean he already is but we have Giyu parading around at the moment so we’ll see.

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