Vinland Saga : A True Warrior

Episode 4

Hontō no senshi” (本当の戦士)

After the first three episodes were released together I did kind of forget about this one but we’re back for the Viking greatness that was Vinland Saga.

I feel the point of this anime is going to be that Thorfinn never learns lessons, never listens and is incapable of processing just about anything. Which I guess is fine. This is a story about revenge and they’ve given us much to get behind Thorfinn if you take away the fact that a bunch of this is his fault.

Thors last stand was amazing, he destroyed most of Askeladd’s forces without actually ever killing anyone, something we found out at the end of the episode.

It is a lesson that Thorfinn will need to learn that his father obviously did a long time ago but he can’t see it yet.

Everything about the episode was great from Thors taking on a whole ship of people, him single handledly and easily taking out Bjorn in Berserk mode to his duel with Askeladd where he was able not only to avoid a really cool surprise attack but ended up beating him and only losing his life because Bjorn woke up and cheated so Askeladd went along with it.

For Thorfinn it was just a group of pirates that killed his dad but to the audience it was much more.

You could see the actual respect Askeladd had for him and I think that’ll play into his relationship with Thorfinn, I don’t think he’ll want to kill the kid not because it is a waste of his energy but because he didn’t truly want to kill his father. It was a job and when he saw the man that Thors was he had nothing but the utmost respect for him and Thors death ended up being much more then just a man dying but a man dying to save everyone in the area.

It will be interesting to see how Thorfinn develops from here though.

He obviously can’t grow up to be like his father and he doesn’t seem as naturally adapt at fighting as you would hope him to be. His temper is going to get the better of him and not in a useful way like a Berserk and whilst he has sworn to kill Askeladd there is a part of me that thinks that the intro proves he’s going to go with Askeladd.

Will he ever be able to forgive him? To turn his anger on the person who deserves it? Will Askeladd ever tell him about Floki or explain that it is obvious that Floki did what he did out of personal spite and not on orders?

I guess that will be the journey we have to take together.

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