GLOW : Up, Up, Up

Episode 1

GLOW is back! Now doing a live floor show in Vegas the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling have a new challenge ahead of them.

I feel this episode was a little different from what we’ve seen before. All the characters were much more laid back, they knew what they were doing and in some senses knew their own worth. They weren’t fighting for a change and this led to them being able to enjoy themselves as they got ready for their opening night.

Even the bad thing that happened wasn’t all that bad and mainly ended up being a nothing moment of history that had nothing to do with them.

Challenger exploding effected Ruth because she was giving a heel promo at the time but by the end of the episode I think it dawned on her that if people were coming to see the show they probably wanted to see the bubbly, happy and ridiculously charismatic cast of characters that they all are to forget a tragedy like that and have fun. Her last ditch attempt at doing SOMETHING to make herself feel a little better, and I don’t mean that in the mean way it sounds she honestly felt awful for doing a promo whilst the crash happened, ended with her being reminded that she kind of has to live in the here and now.

Not every character got a big moment but everyone got screen time and everyone just worked well together. This cast has come so far and they were always a fantastic cast anyway but it was just nice to see them together doing stuff like normal women.

Both the scene in the casino where Sheila become kind of the guru for their gambling, the pure happiness on their faces when they won and the ending scene of all the girls suddenly coming out to go up in the lift together including Rhonda who obviously would have already been up in the pent house being married to Bash was fantastic and made me cry because it was so pure.

Whilst there will obviously be problems going forward I kind of want to see more of them just all being allowed to be people.

It isn’t something that GLOW has ever stopped either, it always portrays the women as individuals and also a unit that sometimes falls out but usually has each others backs. It has put them in a us against the world kind of position and built it up really well but I can never get too much of that kind of thing and this episode was so good for me. There wasn’t even that much of a focus on the wrestling but just on reintroducing the girls to the viewers and reminding us how fabulous each of them are.

So my predictions for the “drama” of the season are once more laid at the feet of Ruth and Debbie.

Already Debbie is fed up of being forgotten as one of the producers so that’ll grow as the season goes on and with Ruth now separated from Russell and with only Sam to turn to when she’s upset them maybe getting too close that could cause a Debbie breakdown in no time. I’m guessing someone might also become addicted to gambling, a obvious idea but one that could actually be very funny and so emotional with this cast.

I’m already in love one episode in so I can’t wait to watch the rest.

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