Fire Force : The Battle Begins

Episode 5

Kaisen” (開戦)

With a bit of a struggle I am continuing on with this series which has a great story but some little things that really bug me.

It’s a new episode though so time to give it another chance and hope that the interesting parts take the forefront and the bits that annoy me get drowned out in the background somewhere.


Again there is so much good going on here but at least the only problem is that it is rushed.

You might noticed that rushed is a problem I’m having with a lot of things at the moment but this is the definition of rushing a story without letting anything develop at all.

We were introduced to the purpose of Company 8 two episodes ago and Hibana and the dodgy 5th one single episode ago. Suddenly we’re going full battle mode on the 5th which in itself saw some of the strongest members of the 5th done and over with in this episode. Not only that but we keep getting hints of Iris’ past and that in itself went form a slow burner to her having to deal with it and it being used against her in this episode.

What is happening is pretty cool though.

Love seeing Maki and Hinawa kicking ass all episode long and even Arthur’s battle and his now character quirk of being absolutely dimwitted to the point he holds his sword in the wrong hand worked well for me.

It just feels like it is all going so fast.

I would have liked to have seen some of the flashbacks to the past from Hibana’s POV or at least got more build up to the confrontation between the two. Some of the battles could have been much more interesting like the one with the spikey haired bubblegum user whose attacks were super dramatic but ended up being easy fodder to the coolest character in the show, Hinawa.

We got the hint that Obi isn’t there which might play into things but with everyone being taken out quite easily it makes any kind of drama going into Shinra vs Hibana a little on the damp side.

OK she has a power that could make him useless in battle but these guys are all storming this building so fast that he’d only genuinely be on his own for a few mere moments, that is if he ever finds where he’s going seeing that he’s super fast and by the end of the episode hadn’t arrived to where he was going.

It was a much better episode though and I’m really excited to see what happens in the next.

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