Dr. Stone : Two Nations of the Stone World

Episode 6

 “Ishi no Sekai no Futatsu no Kuni” (石の世界の二つの国)

Will the plan to save Senku work? It’ll be interesting to see if his hint at a spot of petrification on his neck actually works out for them.

I mean of course it did, I don’t know who I would be kidding if I tried to make out like it didn’t.

Before the opening credits rolled we got to see more of Senku working things out before Taiju showed up and even got his speech to Taiju that kind of kick started him getting out as well as it being repeated back to him by Taiju.

It was a nice touch but the entire thing kind of felt like it could have easily been tacked onto the end of the last episode. I don’t really like it when things like this which in anything else might be one episode end up being the end half of one and the beginning of the next. I mean I enjoyed it but I just felt like it took up time that could have been used for just about anything else.

Like meeting Kohaku and saving her.

I guess Senku building his pulley was probably better off left to a cut scene but there was a part of me that would have preferred that and maybe a conversation between the two of them over the entire opening of the episode.

We get to meet this new character who Tsukasa deducts is a descendant of people who had woken up even before Senku and yet her attacking Tsukasa wasn’t that amazing and her introduction to Senku wasn’t that great either. I just kind of wanted to get to know her but it looks like we’ll have to wait.

Senku is now separated from his group as they are going to infiltrate Tsukasa’s “Empire” whilst Senku does his own thing.

It makes for a different dynamic going forward, there are obviously other humans in this world and now Senku is going to be around some of them whilst I guess the other two are either going to be around another group or just Tsukasa.

Introducing science to primitives might be interesting.

What I would really like though is maybe to have Senku actually properly form a chart of some sort. What do we know about the petrification so far and the likes. At the moment we keep getting new bits of detail but it kind of just gets said and doesn’t get added to the ever growing story that Senku is building in his head.

Was this a attack or not? The petrification seems to have healed the people who have woken up so can something that heals be a bad thing? Why did he wake up before the others? Why does anyone wake up naturally? Why was it only humans and swallows that were effected?

I hope they answer all these questions at some point.

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