Dr Stone : Stone World The Beginning

Episode 5

In the last episode we were left with the possibility that the smartest man alive, that we know of, in this Stone World is dead. So where does the show go from here?

It did two things really well this episode.

Obviously it started with the confrontation with Tsukasa and how it ended but then it also went into the story of how Senku survived when he came out of his Petrified state.

Personally this was my favourite episode so far, I really liked how the fight concluded with Taiju actually using his brains and the influence of Senku on his friends being felt in how they handled Tsukasa but it was the long montage of how Senku survived that really made it brilliant.

Him being watched over by some monkeys as he learnt how to bypass his weaknesses and use science to overcome and survive, watching him making things as the monkeys laughed at him and their reaction when he was fully clothed for the first time.

It was all so funny yet so interesting.

I think it is important to see how people adapt as they wake up if I’m honest.

We kind of saw it with Taiju as he woke up and made his way back to Yuzuriha and now we got to see that it wasn’t as easy as it might seem for Senku as we see him struggle to make a fire as well as do simple things. It is a reminder that these people are adapting and adapting fast and will make sense when we see other people show up.

It would be easy to feel like Senku is special and Taiju is lucky he ended up with him for food and shelter and so on but in reality Taiju is brainless at times and meant to be the muscle behind Senku’s brain whilst most other characters are going to be more rounded like Tsukasa and able to fend for themselves whilst making their way in the world.

Seeing Senku struggle brought it home that even a genius will find it hard and most of what he ended up doing was from knowledge of how things are made in the civilized world.

Whether Tsukasa is going to be a threat or not going forward I don’t know but for now he’s been pushed back and the only thing left to see is if Senku actually survived.

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