Fire Force : The Rookie Fire Solider Games

Episode 3

Shōbōkan Shinjin Taikai” (消防官新人大会)

After meeting the two rookies of Company 8 we have to throw them into the deep end to see just how good both of them are.

Don’t we?

It just ended up not being what I thought it would be.

We had that hint of something else going on behind the scenes in the episode before and this episode kind of nailed home that actually we don’t know half of what is going on. Not only does the guy with the ash show up and cause havoc in the Rookie Game thing but they seem to know that not all is right with the Fire Force and also that Shinra’s brother who was presumed dead in the fire when he was a kid is still alive.

Whoever these people are they have singled out Shinra as being a person of interest for their group.

Most of the episode really revolved around Shinra and Joker, as he called himself, talking and the revelations that he brought to the show. It wasn’t bad but again, like the last episode, it felt out of place a little bit.

I’m really enjoying this show but it seems to be jumping around so much that it is hard to actually follow at times. They haven’t really done much to establish a base for us to care for Shinra and whilst his story is sad, because of course it would be, I don’t really see why in this episode we should be “OMG his brother is alive?!!!?!” and not just “oh so his brother is still alive, another thing to add to the thing pile.”

I gave it a pass in episode 2 because I thought they were just introducing the second main character and now they are together we’ll get a coherent story and whilst I guess Joker was at the end of the last episode and was a mystery they wasted that by having him right back and explaining away his mystery in the very next episode.

It was well executed though and raised my interests a bit but it feels like between episodes we’re skipping really big moments and just rushing a story along instead of letting it shimmer along nicely for a little bit.

Shinra was the center piece of the entire episode obviously and it was interesting to learn more about the Companies and what they stand for, introduce us to the Captain of the first Company and shroud him in mystery and see just how far the competitive side of all of the rookies goes.

Then again the competitive part also kind of put me off a little, it was a funny moment when they all walked into a room and found Shinra fighting a random bloke and decided it was part of the games and tried to fight him for glory but it was also annoying as whilst this might be a competition Arthur’s ego as well as now Tamaki’s just are a total put off.

All the other characters are wonderful them two not so much.

Talking about Tamaki I am going to complain about her.

Again I know it is a cultural thing and I know the character probably will be, at some point maybe, more then just the way she’s drawn but again it just takes me out of the show when we have pointless characters like her that are basically there to make sex jokes. I know its a Japan thing and I know recently both me and Luc, in our old age, have become less tolerant of things we didn’t care about a few years ago but it wasn’t even done well.

Like the whole “I get in your way and you touch my boob by accident” thing is fine but how in the world am I meant to believe that Shinra was able to get his hand under her bra?

That was ridiculous.

Trust me in reality things like that are hard enough to do “on accident” it is pretty impossible for you to just raise your hand up and get it under a freakin’ bra.

I know it shouldn’t bother me as much as it does but this was why I stopped watching Reincarnated as a Slime, it is characters like this that just ruin things for me because the things that happen to them end up not even making sense. It is just there to be the “haha sex” juvenile joke. I even looked up a description of her that just went on about her breasts and ass and was like “this is basically the character, just this…”

In a way the episode was good though. I guess I like that we have stories to cling on to I just feel they are throwing too much at it at once. Joker and his groups mystery plans, the world at large being semi-explained away now, the Companies and what is really happening in them… There really is too much happening and not enough time to let it breath but I still really like Shinra and the majority of Company 8 and the animation is still cool and action scenes and problem solving are fantastic and unique enough in its way to keep it interesting enough to overlook the fast paced pile up of stories, mangling of character development and ridiculously unneeded sex characters.

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