Dr. Stone : Fire the Smoke Signal

Episode 4

Noroshi o Agero” (狼煙をあげろ)

I feel like I rambled a lot in my last review so I’ll try to be more precise as the stakes are raised in this game with Tsukasa.

So if you haven’t got it my problem with Tsukasa is that I feel like they made him over powered in both strength and brain power, gave him a goal that was totally against Senku’s and forced him into a bad guy role for no reason other than to give them a human threat right off the bat.

What I didn’t say in the last episode was that actually I’m starting not to care about it and this episode he had fallen into that bad guy role so much that it was more like watching a smart feral cat chasing them then anything else.

With someone else now about to be introduced and Senku very obviously not going to be dead at the end of episode 4 I feel like this episode did a lot to get rid of things that were stopping me fully enjoying this series and I’m looking forward to the rest of the series.

What I really liked in this episode was the quick montage of Senku growing up including how he became friends with Taiju and actually showing us how close them two and Yuzuriha actually are. I don’t think they really established that too well in the first few episodes so it was nice to see that established, also nice to see how Senku got to where he was with the support of his father as well.

I do actually really like most of the characters they just tend to be pretty bland.

Yuzuriha was pretty brave in this episode and Senku was his normal self. His cooking class on how to make gunpowder was interesting but also terrifying when they admit that this actually is how to make a bomb so don’t try it at home.

We honestly have enough problems in the world without a anime teaching people how to make bombs.

It is always Taiju that kind of grounds the episodes though being the layman who is just going about his life.

I said that I kind of just wanted THAT talk with him and Yuzuriha but they handled it so beautifully and so in character for him in this episode that I’m content with what we got.

In the hot springs he didn’t outright say what he wanted too but I think Yuzuriha understood and he promised after they had saved humanity he would finish that conversation.

Totally soppy as hell but also well worth it.

Overall it was a decent episode but I think moving forward it’ll be better for me. Hopeful of that anyway.

2 thoughts on “Dr. Stone : Fire the Smoke Signal”

  1. I was so annoyed with Taiju putting off the conversation again. Reasons or not, has he not learned that delaying leads to 3700 years encased in stone (okay, maybe not, but will there ever actually be a good time to ask her).

    1. Agreed, there never will be a good time. Honorable goal but silly to put it off. Kind of just want to have her take the lead and tell him how she feels, she obviously knows how he feels.

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