Dr. Stone : Weapons of Science

Episode 3

Kagaku no Buki” (科学の武器)

We have a difference of opinion on how the world should be brought back. On one hand Senku wants to revive the world purely to show his scientific talents whilst Tsukasa wants to start the world with only the children.

Will that difference be enough to split the party apart?

Yes it is, to the point that Senku is thinking ahead and on his way to the hot springs to make gun powder to put a stop to Tsukasa’s murderous rampage.

I really don’t like Tsukasa and I feel this entire story is too condensed to really work. Tsukasa is over powered being both smart and strong, we might never know how much stronger then Taiju he is because Taiju refuses to fight people but that will always put their party on the back foot anyway.

Thing is it just seems to be this really popular topic right now “oh look how the adults ruin everything” and we don’t know anything about Tsukasa to know why this is his way of thinking. It feels like something given to his character so that he can be the bad guy when in actual fact he isn’t really a bad guy and he’s also smart enough that you’d think a healthy debate and keeping his opinion to himself for a bit longer would have been more in character.

Which I guess is my problem.

His character is all over the place. He is just so good at everything, knowing there is a revival fluid he wants to know how to make it and knows at least half the equation now thanks to Taiju. He’s able to track them so easily, he’s super strong with no one who can really defeat him but is smart enough to know why Senku is heading to the Hot Springs, what he is going to make and why he is making it.

Then his motivations aren’t explained and he just exists to be the bad guy for no reason.

It would have been nicer to have gotten to know him for longer and to actually see more reasons for him to feel this way but we just haven’t.

We also now get Yuzuriha who…

Hasn’t got a character yet.

She’s like stereotypical anime girl with nothing else going for her. She just seems to be there to react to the two boys as they do their stupid stuff and whilst she was the one that figured out where they were it was a small moment that did nothing for her. I want to see Taiju talk to her about his feelings and see her reaction because that was basically what the show was building to for us but we didn’t get that and now we’re in this awkward place where we have a super over powered character that has strong opinions on things but no reasoning behind it and then another who is a nice enough character but doesn’t actually have a character yet.

It would just be nice for the show to actually give these characters more then one character trait or role and when they do give them more substance.

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