Demon Slayer : Kimetsu no Yaiba : You Must Master a Single Thing

Episode 17

Hitotsu no Koto Kiwame ke” (一つのこと極めけ)

A little late but we have a Zenitsu episode. I don’t know how to take this one so I’ll have to figure it out as we go.

The reason I don’t know how to take it is because whilst everyone in this series has a very over the top personality his is possibly the most over the top. We have a character like Inosuke who is mad as they come but he’s angry and goes about trying to hurt things which, as funny as it can be, kind of fits with the general feel. Tanjiro also has a kind personality which brings his part of the comedy when he’s over caring in the face of people who are like Inosuke or Zenitsu. Again it brings all the comedy in but it doesn’t really take away from the episode.

Sometimes I don’t think the same balance really comes from Zenitsu.

His personality makes sense, don’t get me wrong, there is bound to be someone who is on this dangerous path and doesn’t want to be. He’s the exact opposite of Inosuke who runs head first into danger to prove how strong he is. The constant screaming, the fact he very rarely is drawn in a serious way because what he is saying and doing isn’t serious and there is no breathing space with him, so far, makes it hard to watch at times.

I really like his character though. I find him a decent break from all the crazy stuff but sometimes I teeter on that edge of whether or not it is just too much.

Getting his backstory was actually a nice touch too, seeing how he got to where he is and understanding a little bit about his own power. I guess the mixture of him not sleeping much because he was trying to perfect that one stance and the lightening strike just made him be able to do that one stance perfect in a sleep walking state. I guess that hasn’t been fully explained but it all kind of makes sense to me now.

So I like him.

Plus he fought off the second brother whose body had been turned into a giant spider. It was creepy as hell and I guess after the last few episodes we needed a bit of a break from all the spider horror stuff.

Did we though?

Like he was poisoned with the fate of turning into one of these spiders lingering in front of him but so much of the episode was just him being over the top about everything.

Again I don’t know if I liked it or if I felt they ruined a chance at having something really deep, meaningful and terrifying.

I guess that is just how Demon Slayer is though. It can be as serious as you want it to be but it has to have some lighthearted moments thrown in and Zenitsu is going to be that character who constantly has funny stuff thrown at him.

He’s still poisoned though so there is that.

At the end we finally get to see Father show up to fight, he fights to keep the daughter safe so the thought that Father isn’t one of the twelve is still my thought. He might be super strong but that might be because he’s a adult male and maybe even had been a Demon for longer. My money is shifting to the girl because whilst she looked kind of sad for her Mother being beaten up in the flashback in the last episode she was quick to send her Father into battle for her.

It’ll be interesting to find out who is one of the twelve.

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