5 Things… With the Ending of the Spring Season, here are 5 Series of this seasons Anime you MUST WATCH!

So I guess we don’t always even watch 5 series a season, as of writing this for the Summer Season we are only watching 4 things. That being said there was a lot of stuff we watched in the Spring Season so here are our 5 favourites.

5. Mayonaka No Occult Koumuin

Angels, Pandora, Demons, Gods…

For someone who loves fantasy there isn’t much better then a show that makes fantastical creatures real, living in Tokyo and living their lives not really understanding how they effect humans or how humans effect them.

Add in some really interesting characters, fun stories and more serious and sometimes creepy stories and you have a show full of wonder, magic and the moral question of whether or not to treat non-humans with the same respect as humans or below human/a threat to humanity.

I wouldn’t say it was a perfect season but it was a very strong one.

For me the first story with the Angels and Tengu, the introduction of Kohaku and the story of Azazel were the highlights but so many of the stories were just so good that it is hard to pick a moment that helped put the show on the list and instead it was just the general good quality of every episode that put it here.

4. Bungou Stray Dogs Season 3

For anyone who hadn’t watched the other two series… It actually doesn’t matter.

Like Season 2 it started with a flashback to characters you don’t already need to know, it then introduced new characters whilst reintroducing others. It felt like a new start to put a new villain on the scene which makes it even better.

For me Bungou Stray Dogs is actually pretty much in my top 5 anime of all time and a lot of that came from Season 3 continuing to be as good whilst introducing more new things to the lore.

I’m biased and this would always be on this list but Dostoyevski alone would have placed it here. He was creepy, added a new and very dangerous twist to the story and brought the story together in a way I never thought it would come together.

Plus Ranpo. Ya know… Rampo.

3. Dororo

Let me start off by saying there was a lot of disappointing parts to Dororo. Some stories didn’t hit the right note, a few characters also felt like they were off and not just because they were meant too. Some episodes dragged whilst other really good ones felt rushed. Lessons were learnt to be forgotten and have to be re-learnt and just in general it became messy.

So why is it in 3rd?

Hyakkimaru’s story is a interesting one so is Dororo’s and mostly both were told in a way that kept you interested in it. Action scenes were well animated and there were some treasures both story wise and character wise, including the bad guy Itachi.


Most of this show wasn’t really about Hyakkimaru or Dororo as such. What the show was really about underneath the Demon stuff was how war effects everyone, how it turns people to darker sides of humanity to survive and how men will do anything for power. Both Hyakkimaru and Dororo were victims of war, they met people who were victims of war and saw more people turned into victims of war the more they went on adventuring.

It had many layers to it and whilst there were some really bad episodes they were outnumbered by a fantastic story, a intriguing sub story and some wonderful characters.

2. One Punch Man

Season one of One Punch Man was probably one of the best anime’s the year it came out but I feel like this one wasn’t quite as in your face but actually probably a whole bunch more better.

That is because it spread its focus onto just about everyone it could, introducing a bunch of heroes from all ranks as well as actually giving us a bad guy to get to know.

From the Monster Alliance to just Garo himself, from Saitama making friends to Metal Bat being super cool.

There is so much in this series that is honestly really amazing and whilst I really enjoyed the first season the second was so much better but I don’t think that it has been or will ever be as hyped up as the first due to how long it took to come out as well as the story not being, as I’ve already said, so in your face and silly.

That being said it was worth the wait and it was amazing.

1. The Rising of the Shield Hero

I don’t think it’ll surprise anyone that we are putting the Rising of the Shield Hero at first.

Again like most of these series it wasn’t perfect and had some bad pacing, episode placements and moments all the way through the 24 episodes.

That being said when it hit its highs it REALLY hit its high.

From the longer first episode that saw Naofumi sucked into a magical world and accused of rape, being stuck in this world and having to play by some sort of rules to him becoming the greatest of the heroes that were summounded it was a adventure and a half.

I don’t think there was a character that I didn’t love, there wasn’t a story that didn’t end up being seriously sad and it was really extremely heartbreaking to see the backstories of some characters. It hit every emotional note you wanted and ended with the characters being able to be happy for the smallest amount of time.

It truly was a great series.


That is it.

There were obviously a lot of series in the Spring like there are in every season so this is only a small amount in the vast depths of the season.

Let us know in the comments what your favourites were and why as well as letting us know what shows you are excited for in the Summer.

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