The Boys : The Female of the Species

We have drugs, we have characters with God Complexes and we have Hughie being adorable because Hughie is the best.

Reaching the half way point to the season and the group is starting to beef up and the action is getting crazy. Though at least not kind of as crazy as the second episode.

I mean I’m going to have to talk about that scene.

That scene in the plane.

The fact that Stillwell saw it as a chance to show off her Supes and get her bill passed so she’d have them in the army, that chance meant that Homelander had to go and his ego got the better of him killing a entire plane of passengers.

Now that alone isn’t that important right?

Let’s face it we know that Homelander is a crazy guy who has a God Complex and doesn’t really care. He thinks himself above humans and him just getting out of the plane without trying to help after he messed things up isn’t that surprising.

Why it was such a important scene is because of how Maeve reacted.

I haven’t really talked about Maeve if I’m honest, she’s been there and we’ve got some indication of who she is but not much. Right now it becomes obvious she is what Starlight will become. She does kind of care about saving people but she’s also been turned into one of Them, trying to get her numbers up knowing that she needs it to be paid. She never gets the spotlight though because she’s always got Homelander there, the two come as a pair and it seems that she’s tried before to break that off but she’s still stuck with him and stuck having to live in his shadows.

Her character is really interesting. The pain she felt, the desperation to try and save a little girl and her mum and that single tear as she watched the plane go down.

It was such a good scene.

Honestly this was the poorest of the episodes so far but it was still good. I wasn’t really interested in the Female story though I did get a laugh watching one of my absolute all time favourite actors talk about the Spice Girls in a ridiculous English accent, came a long way from Lord of the Rings…

That story wasn’t too great and the date between Annie and Hughie wasn’t great either.

Oh… Of course Deep has turned from a dude who forces himself on people to a dude that has fallen in love with a Dolphin, trying to find his place in the world and failing to do anything.

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