Good Omens : The Very Last Day of the Rest of Their Lives

Honestly the title says it all.

We’re at the final episode and it is the end of the world…

It was pretty much the perfect end to the series if I’m honest.

Adam using his power to save the day, Newton destroying things to save the day and then Crowley and Aziraphale swapping appearances to save their lives on Earth were all brilliant moments.

It was sad yet it was happy, it made you want to cry before making you howl with laughter and it was everything the end to the series deserved.

I mean I’m a sucker for things like Adam renouncing Satan as his father and realising that his actual father was his father. It might have made Adam human but then he only knew he had powers over the last few days so that probably won’t bother him too much going forward. Not only does he have his life back and his friends but he gives Crowley back his Bentley and Aziraphale back his bookshop.

Which made me cry even more.

The series as a whole was a delight and this episode tied it all off perfectly with a bow and gave everyone their happily ever after. From Aziraphale and Crowley finally having their lunch together to the world just being OK and Newton and Anathema getting together and throwing a second book of Agnes Nutters Prophecies away so they can lead normal lives.

It was just perfect.

Other than the history of Aziraphale and Crowley I think how they got out of being killed by their sides was my favourite thing. In fact Tennant and Sheen were very obviously the highlights of the series in general. Their chemistry was perfect, they delivered every line the way I imagined they would be when I read them and their relationship became something so very real over their story.

Seeing them both stick two fingers up to their sides and go on living their lives the way they want was the best ending possible.

Such a fantastic ending.

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