The Boys : Get Some

Well things have got pretty intense pretty fast in the world of Supes and all that. From them falling foul of human nature, them being horrible people to being used as a pawn in a game of chess for a companies power.

I feel like I want to write a 2000 word essay on how wonderful Hughie is. Not only is Jack Quaid one of the absolute best, his chemistry with every character he comes into contact with is amazing and his break down when he goes home after doing what he did last episode was one of the most subtle yet amazing scenes so far.

Thankfully for you I won’t go on and on about Hughie but I probably will write a blog about him later because he’s such a amazing character.

Opposite him and Billy is obviously is Homelander who also continues to be amazing. His relationship with the other members of The Seven is filled with self purpose and quiet threat. I want to know more about him and Maeve, I loved him and The Deep talking to Stillwell at the end and his annoyance that Deep isn’t quite as clever or dramatic as he is plus it is interesting hearing him talk about how superior he is to people which makes you wonder just what he thinks he is.

Also why he is so jealous of Stillwell’s baby.

This episode though was much more about setting up the story in a way. We know what motivates Hughie and I don’t think you’d need a motivator for Billy to be around but now we have a purpose and I really like that. It also ties in the threat the Mayor had for Stillwell in the other episodes that ultimately cost him his life.

There is mystery and intrigue and a fascinating new character who sits on someone’s head and kills them. What more would you want?!

One thing I guess I don’t like is the relationship between Annie and Hughie.

It was cute how they met, it was nice that in some ways they were able to help each other and it was a sweet and weird moment. I also kind of liked that we got to see them reunited but it slowly went kind of romancey and I didn’t like that. I don’t know how long it has been since Robin died but at the end of the day all of this is happening because of his determination to kind of avenge the pointless death of Robin and it feels like it didn’t happen that long ago yet here he is looking like he’s falling in love with Starlight.

Now I could be wrong but it is a plot point I wasn’t too interested in though I do love the relationship between Annie and Hughie so much. It will be heartbreaking when she finds out what he’s up to though.

What I really liked about the episode though is that we got to see more of the Supes together, or at least Maeve and Homelander and it gave us a look inside their personalities more. I said in the last review that these characters have backgrounds and reasons behind who they are and it might be as simple as a God complex or being that fish guy but it makes them more interesting.

I will say it till my dying breath that Homelander is terrifying because he is and I think Antony Starr is frankly the most imposing villain I’ve ever seen and he isn’t even really the villain… Yet I guess… This episode though showed us so much more to him and whilst sure he has a God complex and Stillwell plays into that I feel there is something else there that I might be looking too much into but it makes him more interesting then bad guy pretending to be good guy.

No it is Stillwell and Vought that for me are the bad guys and it isn’t just because she’s a crazy woman using Supes to gain ultimate power but it is the way she’s using the Supes too.

It is a partnership she tells Starlight as they force her to sex it up to get points. Those all important points. Again I said in the last episode that this really is just a realistic look at what being a Superhero would be like right now and this was a sad reminder of that. I never wanted to hug someone more then I did Erin Moriarty when Starlight was talking to that little girl, trying to take a sensible selfie with a kid that looked up to her just to have guys shout for her to show her tits and totally ruin the moment and probably the perception that kid has on her idol and for what?

To tick a box to say more guys like her so will buy her merchandise.

Even she is well aware that The Seven are more about making money then saving lives and that is heartbreaking. Annie is amazing.

Finally the best scene was when Frenchie and Mother’s Milk who hate each other came face to face, tried to kill each other and had a screaming match just for the entire thing to be ended by… Rick Astley and the soppiest phone call in the world.

That is also saying something because once again the episode was just so good.

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