Good Omens : The Doomsday Option

Well you might have guessed but it is the end of the world now.

Adam has spoken and he is fed up of all the crap going on in the world so he’ll destroy it and make it better. Which sounds more like a God thing to be honest.

Everything is going a bit crazy to be honest.

Miranda Richardson finally gets a chance to show off her craziness when Madame Tracy suddenly gets possessed by Aziraphale who channels Johnny Vegas to tell his wife to basically shut the hell up. The Tracy/Aziraphale/Ron combination might be the best thing that happened to the show and the show has had all of the best things happening in it anyway.

I mean Crowly getting super upset that his best friend has disappeared was heart breaking. I was truly upset for him.

Still it is the end of the world.

Whilst Heaven and Hell get ready to fight it out, the Four Horse People have showed up for tea before they ride on and both Aziraphale and Crowly try to get to the airbase in time to stop the Apocalypse we have Adam waiting for his friends by being a bit of a meanie to his actual friends, Witchfinder Sergeant Shadwell thinking he can destroy Demons and Anathema and Newton getting over the fact that they are only ever going to have sex once and that was during the end of the world.

Crowly vs Hastur has been one thing I’ve enjoyed most of the series if I’m honest. Watching Hastur slowly lose his ability to deal with Crowly

Everyone is slowly making their way to the end of the world where I am not sure they know what is going to happen. Everyone knows it is where the end of the world is going to be but no one seems to know why they are all going there other than the Four Horse People on their snazzy motorbikes.

Adam’s transformation and all the scenes with the kids were great, from ordering them around and terrifying them to their disobedience and silent pain. The four kids were outstanding.

Also the Horse People showing their true forms was pretty great but not as great as Crowly rolling into town in a firey Bentley.

Also Queen.

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