The Myth of Strong Female Characters – New Series coming….

I want to start with I don’t know why I came up with this name and Rick doesn’t like it because he thinks its confrontational for the series that I’m planning on doing but I couldn’t think of anything better so we’re sticking with this.

It basically has been something that has kind of annoyed me since the Ghostbusters remake came out, a lot of comments from females my age was about not having female Idols whether fictional or not when they were growing up so being jealous that this generation are getting things like female Ghostbusters or Wonder Woman…

Now I’m not going to disagree that there wasn’t a whole bunch of female characters on TV compared to male ones but I do disagree that there weren’t any. Even when we take ridiculous sexualised shit out of the picture, I know it can be hard, there was still decent, strong women under the ridiculousness of their designs or costumes.

So I’m making a series to talk about lots and lots of women whether they be historical, things of legends, in books, on TV, in games or whatever else from just about any time period I can get my hands on. Just women who broke the mold even before this trend towards equality.

Not sure if I’ve described what we are doing well but mainly because I couldn’t think of a name for the series and stuck with this Rick said I had to explain it kind of. So yeah that will be coming up soon so watch out for that and comment below with names of females that you would like to see talked about in this series, mainly because I’ll forget every female in the world at some point and will need suggestions because I’m a moron.

So yeah.

Talk to us!

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