The Boys : Cherry

You want to see what Superheroes would really be like?

Honestly I want to say that if Superheroes were real this is probably what they would be like. Some bright sparks hoping to make the world a better place but the top usually being a grimy place to be.

You tell me it isn’t like what would happen?

One of the first scenes was a really badly thought out Make A Wish being streamed on Facebook Live even with the reaction emotes flying up in the corner. There was even that awkward I don’t wanna do it conversation with Starlight and management with many “and this is why we love you” comments to make her stop in her tracks.

It uses our obsession with social media and sharing things to its advantage and honestly the Supes become more celebrity then Hero.

To the point that even doing some good will play out badly if you aren’t smart enough to know that humans will pull out their phones in a instant if they think they’ll get a video that will go viral. As poor Starlight learnt in this episode.

What this episode really did was make me hope I never to have to share a room with Antony Starr who was terrifying in so many different ways in this episode as Homelander. Both his meeting with Madelyn and later with The Deep showed different sides to his personality, a petulant child that needs to be mothered and a man who will happily threaten those he works with to keep his position. He played both roles well and was creepy as both.

Again every character has a backstory, they have a reason for where they are and what they do.

I mean I’m not saying that their reasons are good or their actions understandable but it makes them more real. The Deep might be one of the worst people for what he did to Starlight but he isn’t just some one dimensional bad guy either. Whilst his reasoning doesn’t justify his behaviour he’s “the fish guy” so took his anger on the newbie. Again I stress to say as a character he’s still the worst but it made him less one dimensional.

Whilst Starlight and Hughie in their way have their stories sorted and now it is a matter of them finding their feet and their own paths in life we start to see more into the life of Billy and the organisation that he belongs to.

Honestly I couldn’t tell you what I am more interested in. What Billy is or how far Stillwell can go using a whole assortment of Supes to get her own way.

I don’t really know which one I’m more terrified of either.

I guess at least Billy is upfront in the way he is. He might have lied to Hughie about who he is but you just don’t believe him when he says he’s part of the FBI. He even in this episode admits to what he is. On the other hand you have Stillwell who is well aware that the Supes are hers and wants all of the power. For every terrifying moments with Homelander or reminder that The Deep is a ass hole you have Stillwell using people to get her own way.

Once again the action scenes were beautiful, loved The Deep’s dive into the water moments after moaning about that being all he is good for. It is a fantastic show. Visibly it is just one of the best things that have been on TV this year and I really enjoy just watching it. What I also noticed in this episode was the use of music is fantastic too, helps that a lot of the songs used when they are used are songs I enjoy a lot.

Which is probably why I enjoy this so much.

Everything about it from the story to the aesthetic, characters to the music choice just appeal greatly to me.

Boy do I love this show.

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