Good Omens : Saturday Morning Funtime

From heart breaking splits to a child learning about the hidden bad things in the world the last episode was  history lesson as much as it was the continued slow march to the end of the world.

We are very close to the end of it all now.

David Morrissey finding Atlantis felt like some really odd ad for a holiday somewhere or a game of some kind but it started this episode off in the usual weird way.

As for the rest of the episode all the pieces slowly fell into place.

Finally the connection between Crowley and Aziraphale has been figured out by the Angels and passed on via a phone call to the Demons. Adam is making things happen just by reading about things and thinking how the world should be, he raised Atlantis and he also took away nuclear reactors. Saving the world instead of destroying it funnily enough under the tutelage of a unwitting  Anathema.

Oh and also the more weirder things he believes like aliens arriving and so on giving advice on our environment.

Later on in the episode Adam actually started to be scary and even his friends notice it which probably doesn’t sit well with him and Dog.

If I’m honest with you Jack Whitehall is probably one of my favourite things in the series, I said earlier that I didn’t like him much but everything he does in this show is actually pretty fun. He usually can be a bit over the top and loud for my liking but he’s just sweet in this and I just wanted to say that I was wrong that I thought I might not like him later in the series.

Crowley fighting with Holy Water actually gave us one of the most terrifying moments of the series, with Adam forcing his friends to do as he wants you’d think it was scary enough but no. Crowley had to go one step further and actually kill Ligur with Holy Water.

Though it was fun to see how he did it too plus he then traps Hastur into his answering machine which is hilarious.

By the end of the episode Aziraphale has been sent back to Heaven and it’ll be fun to see how Crowley reacts to basically his best friend being killed.

By Shadwell.

The moron in charge of the Witch Finders.

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