Good Omens : Hard Times

With Aziraphale now in possession of the most important and accurate book he could possibly have what is going to happen now?

This by far is probably going to be my favourite episode this show will ever do.

Why that is completely falls at the feet of the wonderful two men playing the two unlikely friends in this story. Aziraphale and Crowley, Tennant and Sheen.

For the opening HALF of the episode we just get the history of the two characters from where they first met to how they met throughout history in both biblical and historical moments. From Adam and Eve to World War Two. We see them go from being enemies, to unlikely acquaintance to actual friends without them even really knowing it.

Or maybe they do but they just don’t say it.

My absolute favourite moment for obvious reasons was during the WWII moment. Not only was it hilarious but it had Pemberton and Gatiss together as Nazi’s trying to find books for Hitler. That along with Crowley showing up and having to hop from foot to foot because he was on sacred ground so obviously it was burning him being in there, the jerky movements of Tennant making me cry in laughter, just made the scene so good. Then the church burnt down and Aziraphale was sad about his books before Crowley proves his love for Aziraphale by producing the books.

True love that is.

The fact we got the opening credits 28 minutes into the episode is the most Pratchett/Gaiman thing in the world.

Oh and Shearsmith was Shakespeare… So all three of the League were in there and being wonderful.

Away from that and the story continues to roll on.

This time out we meet Famine who is running a diner chain making things for people to eat that has no actual food in it.

I always like the way that Pratchett in particular writes characters like this and Good Omens just truly makes you laugh with just how ridiculous yet hilarious these things are. Of course in a modern world Famine wouldn’t be a half starved person crawling somewhere, he’d be a big business opportunist looking for a way to starve people with their own greed, pride and ego.

He also managed to look terrifying without actually being terrifying.

At the heart of the series it is the witty dialogue that really makes it so good. Even the kids manage to hit every line perfectly and Sam Taylor Buck was fantastic as Adam in his exchanges with his family, friends and Anathema.

This is where the fun really starts with Adam though as his powers slowly start to surface and again I like the modern way of telling the story of a Antichrist whilst also showing that the power he has doesn’t have to be bad as he starts to be influenced by Anathema and ends up making a nuclear reactor disappear after hearing how bad it is for the planet.

Again it is perfect Pratchett and Gaiman and one of the reasons a story like Good Omens is just a terrific story to tell.

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