Good Omens : The Book

We’ve met Crowley and Aziraphale, we have seen the baby swap and met Warlock and Adam now it is time for witches, witch finders, prophecies and War.

As you can’t have war without War.

There is constantly things in this show that I just sit there and fall in love with all over again.

Everything from the way it was filmed, the use of the colours and the actors are just perfect. Not only is the relationship between Aziraphale and Crowley fantastic but in this episode the kids shone too.

As one child is suddenly proved not to be the Antichrist, the actual Antichrist and his friends become a part of this story. As does Anathema Device, a American descendant of Agnes Nutter, a witch who was burnt at the stake by Thou-Shalt-Not-Commit-Adultery Pulsifer in a wonderful witch burning scene at the beginning of the episode.

These characters become so important in the story and they, along with Newton Pulsifer, just made my heart melt. I loved each and every one of them but it was the kids that really shone, I feel like the union of Anathema and Newton will maybe annoy me what with me not being the biggest fan of Jack Whitehall, but the kids. Oh the kids.

Adam, Pepper, Brian and Wensleydale are fantastic characters and the kids brought their unique little ways to life. Adam being a natural leader, what with him being the Antichrist and all, and the others just following him in their own little child like world.

Everything about the episode was wonderful but it also felt like the calm before the storm as we learn that Warlock isn’t the Antichrist but we still have a count down to the Apocalypse anyway.

Which means the Four Horsemen will have to be called upon.

First up being War…

War who literally was spreading war as best she could. War who was seriously cool. War who was in the middle of nowhere yet the Parcel Delivery man still showed up.

Which proves that this couldn’t have ever happened in reality because when does the Parcel Delivery Man EVER show up when he was meant too?

Already super excited to see the rest of the Horsemen, if their introductions are as cool as War’s then it’ll be a treat to meet them all to be honest.

Again, honestly, the amount of love and care put into this series is shown in every single part of it from the casting to how little moments like Agnes being burnt could have been a shorter scene or even just explained off screen but wasn’t. Everything is important and everything is given the time it needs and deserves.

Boy do I love this show.

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