Good Omens : In the Beginning

I feel like I’ve mentioned a LOT that I am a Terry Pratchett fan and I have been looking forward to the adaptation of this book that he wrote with Neil Gaiman. Starring just a ridiculous cast of some of the best actors you could ask for I can not wait to see how this show plans out.

From the very beginning to the very end it was just a masterpiece.

It was so important to get the chemistry between Crowley and Aziraphale right and with David Tennant as Crowley and Michael Sheen as Aziraphale they managed to get it perfect. They were magnificent as frenemies that have been stuck with each other way too long having to join together to do their best to stop the end of the world. They just got the characters down perfectly and the chemistry was electric and with those two absolutely nailing it the rest just fell into place

If you don’t know what Good Omens is it is the story of the Antichrist and how a Angel and a Demon attempt to stop the Apocalypse.

From the very beginning it whizzes through the story giving you little time to breath but in a good way. It feels like watching something you would be reading in a Pratchett or Gaiman book, moments of silence are taking over by the wonderful narration of Frances McDormand as the voice of God, her ability to just talk about anything yet make you listen no matter what is wonderful. If you stopped paying attention just for a second you might miss such a small yet hilarious joke nestled into a load of dialogue you might have thought silly and that is just Pratchett at his best. He always had a lot to say on even the smallest of points yet you’d read it and it would make you laugh.

I mean I could sit here all day praising the acting we’ve seen so far, from Jon Hamm as Gabriel to Nick Offerman and Daniel Mays as the fathers of Warlock, the suspected Antichrist, and Adam, the actual Antichrist, and it is just going to get better with star power such as Miranda Richardson, the voices of Benedict Cumberbatch and Brian Cox, and my absolute favourites from the League of Gentleman Shearsmith, Pemberton and Gatiss all down to appear at some point. It honestly is one of the best cast shows I’ve seen for a long time.

If that isn’t enough to make you die of happiness inside it also just so happens to be one of the most beautifully shot shows I’ve seen in a while.

There is just something so colourful about everything, even when you enter the dingy settings of the Demons you are so very aware of the use of black to make it seem Demonic.

I wasn’t planning on binge watching the series, as I’ve said on here recently I’ve not been well and spending a afternoon doing the same thing isn’t good for my mental health, but the show just drew me in so much that I nearly forgot that I’ve probably read this book 50 times in my life.

This was a book I could never put down as a kid and now it is a TV show I don’t think I can stop watching as a adult.

The only downside was that Terry Pratchett never lived to see it as you can tell that he would have loved it if he had.

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