Fire Force : The Heart of a Fire Solider

Episode 2

Shōbōkan no Kokoro” (消防官の心)

We’ve met Shinra and his new work colleagues, we know what motivates him to become a hero. Now the story can really start!

This episode just made everything so much better.

We get a new recruit in Arthur Boyle, we got to see even more of the other characters and their personalities, our goal in the coming episodes was revealed even if we don’t really know what is in store for Shinra and Arthur at the Rookie games and then there was another Infernal to fight and a girl with the saddest of stories.

There was also a creepy Pyrokinetic hanging about outside the house manipulating the flames to sneer at the company.

We’ll start with the actual Infernal I guess. I said in the last review that we don’t really know everything about them, or at least I was going to say that but maybe I deleted it, and the truth is we don’t. It never really went into explaining how normal people suddenly seemingly became Infernals and whilst the wife in the last episode became a uncontrollable force to fight the father in this episode was just sat enduring the flames in the house.

Also with the Pyrokinetic outside causing problems, because to be honest there was no fighting really, it makes you wonder what is going on on a bigger scale.

It was a interesting enough part of the episode.

Most of the episode though was about the characters and what characters we have.

I really love the Captain Obi, Lieutenant Hinawa and Maki who used to be a soldier in the army before joining the Special Fire Force. All three have very different personalities but kind of work really well together more then any other character.

Obi is very down to earth, he runs his company with compassion in mind not strength which is funny seeing that as a unpowered member of the team he works out super hard to be super strong. He tells the two rookies off for not hiding their weapons reminding them that they are there for the victim to make it seem like they are helping their family to peacefully move on when in actual fact they are killing the last remnants of those people.

Whilst all the team must feel the same Hinawa is actually a pretty big contrast to Obi. He runs the people under him via some sort of friendly fear, he isn’t a people person and will bark orders and even terrifies Maki. That being said it is always done for a sense of humour too and he seems like he’ll be nothing but fair. He can also seemingly analyse situations pretty well knowing that whilst both Shinra and Arthur had no way of beating Maki they would both be OK in their fights noting that Shinra’s fear makes him level headed and fast to think but both suffer from over confidence that is just born into being third generation Pyrokinetics who don’t just control flame like he and Maki do but create it themselves.

Maki is just hilarious. Her interactions with just about everyone are adorable, she’s surprisingly the girly girl of the two females in the team at the moment and her anger at being called a Ogre then for some reason thinking that this meant a Cyborg Gorilla had me in tears of laughter. She’s no joke in a battle though which makes her so super cool.

We don’t really need the backstory for them because they’ve all had super strong showings in the first two episodes to show their quirks and personalities off well. I think the Sister has some work to do but there was a moment when she was with Maki in this episode that kind of makes me think we’ll get a interesting backstory to her at some point that will explain her more.

As for Arthur I don’t know whether I like him or not.

I don’t like the goody two shoes type characters and I really loved Shinra to be honest. Whilst their rivalry is mainly all bark and no bite there is still a part of me that just doesn’t like how overconfident Arthur is. Him being able to buddy up pretty well with Obi and getting away with acting like he’s equal to Hinawa just bugged me and I was waiting for a second where he’d be brought down a peg or two but it didn’t happen. In fact when they went in to fight the Infernal and realised that the man was fighting it and winning but could never return to being human he asked to be the one to put him out of his misery and got that chance.

I guess what I mean is that he’s a bit of a contradiction of personalities but whilst it makes sense, him wanting to be a Knight, I don’t know him well enough for him not to just be annoying.

In the future I’ll probably warm to him. His personality is meant to clash with Shinra’s but I guess they’ll end up working out a way to be rivals and friends but it is the fact that he’s arrogant yet cool headed that annoys me I guess. I kind of want him to lose that cool.

Overall this episode was amazing and I could go on talking about how much I love or hate the characters all day. I really am enjoying the series and it is only two episodes long so far. Can’t wait to see what the Rookie Games will bring.

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