Demon Slayer : Kimetsu No Yaiba : Letting Someone Else Go First

Episode 16

Jibunde Wanai Dareka o Mae e” (自分ではない誰かを前へ)

Spider Demons, Zenitsu running to save Nezuko and Tanjiro and Inosuke working together.

Last episode had everything you could want but the real fight starts in this episode.

It was a really hard episode to watch.

There was still the humour of Inosuke wanting to out do everyone and Zenitsu wandering around lost, fighting with his bird and being just a nuisance in general, but that all just worked to keep the general tone a little higher then the depressing lows it went too.

So the one thing I really think is the strength of this show is that it constantly reminds you that the Demons aren’t bad humans.

That is something that can get lost.

Mother Spider is vicious in this episode, she’s also under pressure from threats that her husband, who probably is the member of the Twelve, and what she does in this episode is unforgivable.

Would she do such a thing as a human though?

It is what kind of separates Tanjiro from others if I’m honest. It was obvious that he was hurt when Mother killed the other Slayers that he had just immobilized for little to no reason other than to kill them. He had worked hard and got Inosuke on side to save those that were even begging for their lives to be taken and then they were taken when he had just saved them.

Tanjiro knows though.

Maybe because of his sister he just knows that these Demons aren’t their human selves and that in death their human self deserves a kind death. When he saw Mother raise her head for her inevitable death in that split second he realised that he didn’t have to fight her any more and that she wanted the peace of not being a Demon.

That is the strength of this series.

You might not like the blend of over the top humour and seriousness, you might not like the over the top characters or the way the series has so far been paced out but you have to give it to them that they constantly throw you into a deep dark part of Demon way of life before sharply reminding you that the Demons are victims too.

Two moments made my blood freeze in this.

Second was the moment that Mother realised that she couldn’t use the Slayers anymore so killed them to bring down her Demon Puppet.

First up though was when one of the Slayers begged Tanjiro and Inosuke to kill him after telling them that his bones had been broken in such a way that his internal organs were being punctured by them. You could see his arms twisted in horrible ways and just knew he was in so much pain, we’d seen Mother break the arm of the girl Slayer moments before and the pain she had been in, it was a horrific moment and one of the best the series has had to remind us the horrors that are happening in this world.

For what though?

Pointless pain and suffering for nothing.

Now Tanjiro knows that one of the Twelve are on the Mountain. It’ll either be the Father or Rue, one of the three siblings.

Which will make for a interesting story in itself.

I mean were they a family beforehand? Why is the Father always angry at the Mother and why are the kids so eager to see that? All other than the one daughter. Was the human that used to look at Mother with kind eyes the Father?

This story might actually end up being even sadder then it already is.

Why it is still a toss up between Rue and Father for being one of the Twelve is simply that Father might be strong, he might be terrifying but I don’t think that is something that matters. Cunning and manipulative might be what makes you one of the Twelve. It’ll be interesting to see if they make the mistake of thinking that Father is the member and kill him to find out that Rue actually is and he gets away.

I just think it is still too easy to accept that the strongest and scariest of them will be the member.

I would even say that the daughter might be the member but I have a feeling that the Mother wouldn’t be warning Tanjiro if it was her because she seemed to feel sorry for Mother when Father was attacking her so I still feel like it might be Rue though I guess I might be overthinking it to be honest.

Such a good episode.

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