Fire Force : Shinra Kusakabe Enlists

Episode 1

Shinra Kusakabe, Nyūtai” (森羅 日下部、入隊)

So it is my turn to start this season’s anime and I’ve picked the closest thing to Ghostbusters I can get with a show about Firemen of a sort that go after Infernals and everything is about fire not Ghosts….


OK jokes aside this was actually a much better show then I thought it would be on the basis of the synopsis I read and once again is proof that you should just watch a bit of everything instead of sticking to genres and quick descriptions.

Everything about the Infernals was well explained and super interesting but it also had a really interesting story for the main character Shinra which didn’t feel too much even though the majority of the episode was centered around us learning why he wanted to be a “hero”. It worked really well to introduce the world and that character as well as the personalities of those in the Special Fire Force Company 8 that he will now be working with.

Plus fire always makes things better.

I mean it too. Just learning that some of the characters are Pyrokinetics and what that meant and how different they are was cool, whilst other elements might be more up other people’s street, fire is the one that always kind of symbolises danger. You feel you have a fighting chance no matter what water is doing but fire feels like a threat.

It also lent to some really fantastic choices in animation, just look at the strange mess of colours the title header is for this blog well that wasn’t just a choice for the opening credits. Memories, stories… Just about everything that involved a Infernal had this strange yet eye catching way of being animated and I personally thought it was amazing.

Again it is fire that allows that more then anything.

So with a pretty strong yet simple story, a alright main character surrounded by pretty interesting and different supporting cast and that kind of animation I think I did the right thing in clicking on it.

I can’t wait to see where this goes.

There is obviously a “big bad” as it where and a answer to the question what really happened to his mum and baby brother. There will be a redemption arc and a “finding his true smile” story but it seems it’ll be buried under a layer of pretty cool action and some really fun moments between him and his colleagues.

In all then… Right up my street.

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