Demon Slayer : Kimetsu No Yaiba : Mount Natagumo

Episode 15

Natagumo-zan” (那多蜘蛛山)

Now as a party of three and hopefully after fully healing it is time once more to go and face off against a new threat.

This time on Mount Natagumo.

Again I can’t help but feel the series has done this the wrong way around. I’m happy this is a 20+ series, which I didn’t know going into it, because if it had ended where it might have ended I would have been really disappointed but I still feel all the stuff with Kibutsuji could have happened at a later stage because just random adventures with Tanjiro and co has been what the series had potential to be and we’re only on the second adventure.

The three idiots compliment each other very well and unlike their beginnings in this episode they actually get on and work together, or at least Tanjiro and Inosuke do as poor Zenitsu was left being scared at the entrance to the mountain. There are still some really funny moments with all three and the anime really uses changes in animation even in serious moments to depict silly things happening so well that it always feels fresh no matter how overdone the joke might be getting.

I’m looking at Inosuke attacking his comrades here.

It always feels new though and as I said the three compliment each other.

As for the Demon it actually looks like it’ll be another hard one and maybe even this time the three of them won’t be able to save the day as Tomioka and Shinobu, two Hashira ranked Slayers, are sent to aid them after one of the crows reports back that many have already been lost on this mission.

So this leads to two very interesting scenarios.

Either these guys are going to be able to hold off until the other two arrive and we’ll learn the true power of the strongest Slayers around.

OR they’ll defeat the Demons, there are five of them, before the higher ranks come in and prove that they are actually on their way to climb those ranks.

Then again a third is that they end up helping the higher ranks and we have a bit of one and two together.

What it truly means is that no matter what happens the next episode or two are going to be as good as this one. The Demons are spider users and have taken control of the bodies of the other Demon Slayers and their corpses via spider webs, Inosuke has found the ring leader but we know one might be one of the Twelve Kizuki and I have a feeling it might be the boy walking on the spider webs and not the mother.

I don’t know I just get that feeling from the end of the episode and the fact that he was going to fight to protect his family.

Now the others don’t really know that one of the Twelve is there and have rightfully gone after the biggest threat, the one controlling bodies using the spiders, but it’ll make it interesting to see which battle ends up being the hardest one.

Plus it’ll be interesting just to see where Zenitsu ends up because when he passes out I don’t think any Demon stands a chance. Him running bravely into battle after realising that Nezuko has been taken into the mountain was one of the most hilarious things and I love his relationship with his sparrow but I’m also worried for whomever makes him pass out because I think he’s the toughest of all three for a Demon to defeat.

Pretty brilliant episode honestly.

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