Dark Money Episode 4

After a sad end to episode 3 we see the fallout of no one ever listening to Isaac, the victim of the only crime to happen in the show, and whether or not the family learn anything from what has happened.

Actually I was impressed with how they handled it. We can infer from the hospital visit that Isaac is finally getting the help he needs as I doubt they will allow a young kid who just attempted suicide to leave without some sort of help going forward and he actually seems to have calmed down a lot in the episode and grounded himself which was a really nice thing to see.

Whilst I struggled to see life from Sam’s point of view, feeling that we were given a small hint that she isn’t the nicest of humans but then never finding out what she could possibly be hiding, it was nice that Isaac and her bonded. She was a difficult character to like not because of anything she’d done but because they had built in my opinion this entire plot to make her look like a victim and a nightmare all at once whilst making Manny so nice yet the actual bad guy in their personal lives and it just didn’t work.

I keep saying it but the cheating story was unneeded, it was never explained well enough for us to understand and Manny just kept being the character you could relate too. He was the one we really saw the emotions from and that we could get behind whilst Sam was always so cold and whilst there were moments where I was totally on Sam’s side I felt like her character just never really given the chance to be a character. She was a contradiction of many different female character stereotypes and never landed on being one thing or the other until this episode but by this time I just didn’t like her enough to care.

It continued in this episode to do that really weird thing of having things happen and no consequences to that thing as well.

For example there were two big choices the parents made. Sam went and did a interview, a really good one I must say, which didn’t see the legal team actually do much in the end and on the other side Manny actually attacks Jotham Starr and yet… Doesn’t seem to have anything happen to him either.

In the end it doesn’t honestly matter one way or the other because the true story was Isaac’s and it was just nice to see that in the end he did decide to go and take Jotham to court but all these adults did so many things in this series that went against what Isaac wanted, went against what their characters seemingly would have done or was downright illegal or against their NDA yet none of them ever really got any kind of consequence to their actions.

You can say that Isaac’s suicide was a consequence of their actions but they continued to do stupid things after and whilst Sam’s interview at least was done in consent with Isaac and it was nice to see both Isaac and Sam worried about Manny when they realised something was up it was the biggest negative I have about the show that whilst some things I guess none of us could ever imagine what we would do there were also some things we know just wouldn’t have happened the way they did and it was just weird.

Best moment though was once more totally focused on Sabrina and Susan Wokoma might have been the absolute gem of the series.

Her first up talking to Tyrone who had to come to terms with how he reacted to Isaac telling him what happened and then befriending Sam were truly wonderful moments. Whilst we’ll never understand what happened for her to have a affair with Manny or anything else relating to her she was always the one character who felt real. She cared for all the kids, she didn’t cause drama, she struggled as a single mother but also helped the father of her child when he was in need.

She was just the best character.

The series was gripping and it is only when you actually have to think about things that you see problems, it is a good show to just binge watch and perfect for weekly viewing too as it makes you want to see what happens next. Just a really good drama from the BBC.

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