Dark Money Episode 3

With every episode it feels like the parents of Isaac go one step further from what they promised Isaac they would do. Whether it be to protect him or to keep his secret they just seem to be incapable of actually helping their son whilst doing their best to help him.

This sad story continues.

To start with I have to say I found a lot of this episode funny in a horrible way.

Everyone was so obsessed with telling each other how angry they are at one another and how they knew what was the best thing for Isaac and they were going to do the best thing for Isaac yet none of them bothered to ask Isaac what he wanted or what was the best thing for him.

It still looks like no one has put Isaac into therapy and his spiral into a dark place continues whilst now Jess goes on a rampage with the journalist who finally has his in with the family to start publishing the truth and whilst her path is one that should have been taken by the family to begin with it is now a murky one being led by the one person who doesn’t even have half the facts but instead has second hand facts that are even further away from Isaac and what happened then ever before.

Manny and Sam are at constant logger heads, not least because they have given up communicating or listening at all. Sam is starting to act like she is holier than thou like the decision to take the money was all on Manny, she comes from a different place when it comes to whether Isaac should act or not and even finally breaks it off with Manny. Thing is they both feel guilty and lash out at everyone around them and the only person talking any sense is Manny’s mother who might be the most annoying person in the world to Sam but the only one who actually cares enough to see the pain she’s in and call her out on keeping it locked in.

Isaac’s behaviour is understandable, from his video call with Holly it feels like he’s adapted the rhetoric that was probably used on him to get him to do what Jotham wanted him to do and his reaction to his parents questioning him shows that he still resents his parents for taking the money.

For me this was the weakest episode for the adults but it was a wonderful performance from Max Fincham. Not only was he falling apart mentally from something that he just couldn’t understand but he finally told Tyrone, one of the people he loved most in the world, and was rejected because Tyrone just couldn’t understand what was happening and instead of standing by his brother turned on him for “being gay”. Tyrone isn’t the smartest of characters but it was so difficult to watch as he just couldn’t comprehend what it was that Isaac had actually said to him.

Those final scenes where Jess went to be the hero and show Isaac how she helped, his reaction and the subsequent reaction her ill thought out actions led to were difficult to watch.

Whatever happens now the damage has been done to a young child who did nothing wrong due to other people doing what is best for him

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