Dark Money Episode 2

Isaac didn’t want anyone to know about what happened to him in Hollywood and yet here we are after the parents have brought it up to the point that Jotham Starr’s lawyers offered them money to sign a NDA.

Have they really helped Isaac though?

It becomes apparent very fast that no, no they probably haven’t helped Isaac at all.

Their need to do what is right by him has actually built a gap that might be permanent between them and their son as he is left to deal with his trauma on his own. Terrified as a teenage boy for anyone to know but also struggling to get over it.

In some ways his behaviour is actually pretty normal.

How many times did I know boys to get in trouble for tugging at girls skirts or just being over the top in general and when rejected calling them all sorts of names? It is, unfortunately, what some teenage boys are like. Given any kind of fame, and Isaac’s fame is huge compared to anything the boys I knew could have ever wished for, and they’ll become even more cocky.

For Isaac though it might be something different and with STILL the lack of seemingly any kind of help to deal with what happened to him, just a nice fat cheque his parents seem happy to spend whilst feeling guilty, it looks like everything will get worse before it could get better.

This episode honestly felt like just one giant look at how useless the parents feel.

They are now at each others throats for the wrong reasons, Sam taking out on Manny a affair he had so long ago that I’m sure his illegitimate son is older than Isaac, and Manny still trying to do what is right but being too weak to actually do it. Both have their hands tied due to the NDA they signed on Isaac’s behalf and neither seem happy that they did it.

I really do feel that the story of Manny cheating was unneeded and in this episode Jess suddenly seemingly wanting out of the family but coming back to ask Isaac for money seemed weird. Just small moments like that are jarring in a show that is dealing with something serious and heartbreaking enough without having to add more pointless stories involving other people to it.

For example what purpose did Sam slapping Tyrone have that added to the show at all?

She didn’t even seem that upset at Tyrone being named one of the two people Isaac was most thankful for compared to Manny, his actual father, who seemed horrified that his son wouldn’t want to thank him.

Whilst I love the character of Tyrone the whole cheating story seems totally pointless and adds nothing to the show other then something that Sam can be angry at and the audience can “understand” why she is so upset. Of course she is, Tyrone is the reminder that Manny cheated, but is it needed? Could we really not understand that she might be emotional and hurt beyond words that her son was abused by a film producer that we need ANOTHER more “real” reason to understand her?

I guess it doesn’t take anything from the show itself but it is sad that it has to be a thing at all.

Of course the saddest thing of all is how Starr himself just doesn’t even accept that what he does is wrong. We don’t hear him deny anything, we don’t see him confronted with anything but the scene where he comes to the premiere and is brazen enough to stand next to Isaac and put his hands on him in front of his parents was one of the most gut wrenching scenes I’ve ever seen. Him talking over Manny making Manny feel even more weak and pathetic then he seemingly already felt and making him look like he just didn’t want to stand up for Isaac in both Isaac and Sam’s eyes was hard to watch.

The reality is that even face to face Jotham Starr’s personality and ability to ignore other people and their feelings is too much for the Manesh family to take.

Not even face to face could Manny do something to the man who abused his son.

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