Anime Highlights Week 25

Blah, blah about me doing these on time (which I technically do just don’t publish) and yadda yadda my excuses.



One Punch Man was good this season wasn’t it? That being said the final episode gave me the need to just see all of the Heroes we met this season do more in the future.

Bang and Bomb are just super cool on their own but together they are ridiculously cool. Genos has always been pretty awesome. I love that King isn’t really a hero but his mix in this group is fantastic and I like watching him become more confident but also kind of be the voice of reason to Saitama. Metal Bat was probably one of my favourites this season and I’d love to see him get better and come back to kick ass. Watchdog Man seems pretty cool too and seeing Garo lost to him and has learnt from him it’ll be interesting to see him return sometime.

There are just so many really cool Heroes and whilst some people apparently haven’t liked the battles this season I really have enjoyed it.

Specially the fight at the end against Centichoro.

Bang and Bomb showed off their power, then Genos showed that he had a great mind for fighting even if he didn’t have the fire power to take down Centichoro but ultimately it was Saitama with a brilliant plan with King that made it work.

These Heroes are just so damn cool!

Moralizing in One Punch Man? Kinda?

I guess it isn’t moralizing as such but there is a strong story being told through Garo and it has once again cemented that we can see where he is coming from.

One thing though is that we’re seeing something from the point of a kid that was bullied. What he saw the bullies do is in the end kind of the same as what the Heroes really do in reality. I’m aware that in reality the Monsters aren’t always going to be innocent and picked up by Heroes just for being Monsters though some might be but from the view point of a kid that was picked on with the whole Heroes vs Monsters thing being the thing the bullies hid behind you can see where he comes from.

In his opinion and from his experience Heroes are able to go in all guns blazing with as many men as possible to take down a threat.

You might not know what the threat is but you’ll be told they are a threat.

This is exactly the same as the bullying he received at school. As the popular kid always wanted to be the Hero and he made Garo the Monster it meant that the other “Heroes” in the squad could hold Garo down whilst Tatsu the popular Hero got to do whatever he wanted to Garo. We saw in Episode 11 how this then played out with Death Gatling doing the same with the intent to kill Garo if needed with a bunch of other Heroes and even though we actually know and care about Genos, Bang and to a extent Bomb it is how the beginning of this episode played out too.

People just ganging up on the Monster.

Of course even at this point Garo himself had done things that deserved to be stopped and as humans that would want to be protected from something that would harm us we can get behind the Heroes, more in this episode then the last with Heroes we didn’t know who really did come across as being nasty and bully types, but you can see how this all can be twisted to show Garo the world picture he wants to see.

I really like that the series actually bothered to explain that to us and show us how easy it is to make a superhero team up look negative just from looking at someone else’s perspective.

Little Moments…

It was the small moments like when Hyakkimaru’s mother and Jukai met that made the finale of Dororo so terrifyingly strong.

Hyakkimaru not killing Tahomaru when he had the chance because deep down he knew that this was his baby brother.

Little moments. Just tiny little ones.

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