Bungou Stray Dogs Season 3 : ECHO [END]

Episode 37

Ekō” (回向ECHO)

The final episode has arrived and with so much still going on it is hard to see how they’ll end this in a way that doesn’t leave us wanting more.

I guess I’ve always loved learning more about the various authors/poets that they bring into these stories that I had never heard of. Of course with the Agency and Mafia there were a lot of them seeing as I don’t know many Japanese writers, the Guild I was more aware of but now we’re going into Russian literature and I honestly until this episode didn’t even think that Pushkin would have been a writer at all for some odd reason.

Alexander Pushkin died due to bullet wound in a duel with Georges d’Anthes.

Ivan G turned out to be Ivan Goncharov who I only figured out due to the guys ability The Precipice which was a 1869 book written by the guy.

I did all this looking up whilst Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite was playing in the background to Atsushi and Akutagawa chasing after Pushkin and then being attacked by Ivan whose ability is to control earth.

So the actual episode then?

I feel it was a little disappointing as a finale to be honest with you. It feels incomplete and like a waste of time. I’m guessing that Dostoyevski being captured isn’t going to be the end of his story and possibly to a point will be his plan and I hope that Ivan might come back if there is another part to the story. It just feels like we haven’t got anywhere with that story but it kind of was ended… Like they had more to tell and just gave up.

Don’t get me wrong the episode was still fantastic. It still had all those little bits that make the series amazing, some totally OMG moments like Dazai and Fitzgerald working together but overall it just felt a bit bland and the ending was more of Atsushi and Akutagawa fighting between the two of them.

It just felt incomplete, that is all I can honestly say about it.

The fight between Ivan, Atsushi and Akutagawa was a interesting change in the dynamic for the two long standing rivals and it was interesting to see them being able to lend each other their powers to help bring down Ivan. Pushkin just kind of being captured by the Mafia and Agency was I guess the only way to end that part of the story but like most things it was just there for the sake of being there and a quick and funny way to get rid of the cannibalism poison.

Chuuya being stuck in the book because he got bored trying to figure anything out and just started beating people up is everything I needed in life.

What I guess it did do was flesh out the world in a way I guess we’d never have thought it would need to be. We now know that all three organisations in this city are there to balance everything out and whilst the Agency and Mafia are always at each others throats both Fukuzawa and Mori know that they need the other for the city to strive. It is also why Dostoyevski tried to destroy them.

It makes everything just that little bit more strange.

I guess also knowing that any side will work with any other side if the need is great enough kind of kills most of the drama between just about everyone. Now that even Fitzgerald is kind of in this grouping because as long as the others have something to trade with him he’ll work with them means that the only threat going forward will be Dostoyevski.

We know that Mori will never try to destroy the Agency on purpose, his only reason for wanting to in his fight with Fukuzawa was because he was absolutely right in that the Mafia would kill just about everyone if Mori died whilst the Agency wouldn’t, we know that Fitzgerald still isn’t strong enough to be a threat and is working his way up that social ladder.

Honestly I think we also know that Dostoyevski is exactly where he wants to be.

So the story has to evolve because [insert new threat] is going to get boring. If the show comes back then Dostoyevski needs to stay the main antagonist and he needs to stay a totally horrific threat to the world. The drama between the various sides can be fun, rivalries and all that work well but there can’t ever be a moment where they try to make the drama Mafia vs Agency because we know that the two sides need to work together and there is a seriously OP character roaming about as a cat making sure that they do what they need to do.

It looks like Atsushi’s only story right now is being stronger and a more rounded individual so that he can beat Akutagawa in a fair fight so their rivalry is obviously going to beef up a little but we’ll also maybe see a different side to Akutagawa because he can’t kill anyone for 6 months if he wants to have his next fight with Atsushi.

I just don’t know how to feel and I’m still certain this is my absolute favourite anime of all time but it was such a disappointing last episode.

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