Anime Highlights Week 24

Yeah I’m still taking notes even if these blogs are seriously late out. Week 24 see’s the end to many of the shows we’ve been watching so it might be a busy highlight week.


So you might get that Lucius really liked Fairy Gone but he couldn’t get over how the series paced itself and how some of the episodes became overly crowded with a lot of people and stories that just weren’t needed.

It had so many different stories that it came as a surprise that the main one coming to the end of the first half of this series was a takeover plot.

How this plot ended was with someone who we know isn’t very much liked, one of the Seven Knights and now the ONLY living Duke, Duke Ray Dawn, show up and just destroy everyone and everything.

Him putting down Diese was great and he instantly became the most interesting thing in the show but like most things his motivations and true intentions are well hidden. It is a bit of a shame that there hadn’t been more of a focus on him, the Knights and the actual world itself because I honestly think he was my favourite part of the entire series.


We finally got to learn about the Titans, who they are and where they come from. Why there are certain Titans that aren’t mindless beasts, why they can be passed on and where Grisha is from and why he suddenly just knew about all this stuff.

It was lovely to learn about it though, this was the reason that I continued to watch the show and I’m so happy that Luc was the one reviewing it because I would not ever have been half as nice about it if I had been reviewing it but it makes it worth it to get to this point.

Plus I agree with Luc that Grisha is a grade A Cunt.

My heart beats for Garo!

I might not be able to make you understand how much I love Garo but I think I just realised something.

In making a character whose only flaw is that he see’s the good in the bad guy, he doesn’t understand that Monsters sometimes are just Monsters and instead of wanting to be a Hero he see’s Heroes as the foe and wanted to become stronger so that Monsters didn’t have to be picked on by the overbearing Heroes anymore they’ve made a villain character that the audience can understand and get behind…

I have basically become Garo.

This series has been full of lots of decent drama, loads of moments that made me sit on the edge of my chair and just stare at the action but I do think Garo’s story has been one of my consistently favourite parts of the show. He’s a threat to anyone who calls themselves Heroes but they’ve fleshed him out so much that now I understand why he feels that way he does and why he acts the way he does.

Garo is just everything in One Punch Man right now for me.

Then it’ll beat for L’Arc…

He might have turned out to be a enemy but boy did me and Lucius fall in love with L’Arc. Therese is pretty cool but just the boisterousness of L’Arc and the fact that he actually very easily showed his emotions and didn’t want to really hurt Naofumi but also kind of had to.

We finally learnt what it is that Glass was because she’s one of these Heroes from another World.

L’Arc though is just my fav thing and I am so sad that he has to be on the other side.

Why does he have to be?! WHY?!

Battle of Two Extremes

Everyone and everything is coming to a head in Dororo.

With that being the case it is time for the characters to come face to face with the truth and with that comes a heart breaking realisation for all characters.

The struggle to be the strongest can lead to you being stained by the blood of humans, the path to peace isn’t much better. As humans we have to fight for what we have with our own hands but how far do you go before you become a demon?

Dororo believes that it doesn’t matter which way you fight as long as your heart is true you will be too and it was actually one of the best moments in the entire series. I mean this series has been GOOD but this one little moment with Biwa-Hoshi, Oku and Dororo plus the random villagers, surrounded by the dead body of Midori, Mutsu and Hyogo was just chilling. Plus knowing that Jukai was close by and having it play out over Tahomaru fighting….

Just such a good moment.

Another Demon, Another Very Human Story…

The thing I really love about Demon Slayer is that when Tanjiro is about to defeat a Demon, even when it looks impossible that he will, we learn a little about what the Demon was like before he or she was a Demon and that happens again in this episode with Kyogai who seemingly was a writer that was teased about his work.

Again another hurting human that was taken by Kibutsuji.


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