Vinland Saga : Troll

Episode 3

Tororu” (戦鬼)

Thors is walking into a trap set by fellow Jomsviking Floki and it seems he has a unwanted crew member who is also about to walk into this trap with him.

What happened just so happened to be one of the most predictable things whilst at the same time not being predictable at all.

I was thinking that Thors would go, get killed and at least one person would make it back to tell what had happened but it isn’t going to be like that. Instead if looks like Thorfinn who stowed away on the boat and is actually with them will be spared death after his father is killed and be taken as a prisoner/cabin boy (or the Viking Pirate equivalent) by Askeladd.

Which whilst it would go against what his father wanted for him isn’t such a bad thing.

Compared to what I thought would happen this is actually a potentially amazing story to tell. Askeladd obviously will do anything for a payment but he isn’t stupid and his crew seem interesting what with Bjorn obviously, or so Anna says, being a Berserker, and Askeladd will be able to mold Thorfinn into quite the little fighter.

I mean it is obvious he’s going to go to war and he’ll fight, he’s going to want to kill Floki at the least for what he does to his father and probably the others from the village so that is inevitable but I can’t see a better group for him to be with at this point. I don’t really know who I thought he’d end up with but I quite like Askeladd who is pretty smart, out thinks his opponents and doesn’t fear anyone.

He see’s through Floki for example.

In the last episode Floki told two different stories and I believe both to be true but he isn’t being honest with either Thors, why would you tell someone you want to kill them, or Askeladd. I think he’s right that because they are going to war in England and want the best fighters that they’ve forgiven Thors as long as he comes and fights, Askeladd see’s through this because he knows that a true Viking would want to do this via their own hands, that means that any contract to kill Thors won’t be anything to do with his 15 years AWOL.

It is obvious that Floki isn’t happy about any of this so is getting Askeladd to kill Thors so that his rival or whatever is out of the way but at the same time he can’t be in trouble for killing him or Thors can’t do too much damage to his unit.

Askeladd figures it out and that is the moment I really liked the character because I do like the sneaks at times. Those that out think their opponent and question things tend to be the best ones to stick with because instead of just walking into danger they’ll think a step ahead so when they are in danger you know it is bloody dangerous, they’ll also keep the audience in the know because they’ll question and hypothesis as they go so that we get to see the truth in the matter. It would be easy for someone who knows nothing about Vikings like me to just shrug off Floki tricking Thors and paying someone else to kill him but the entire reason why Floki didn’t just kill him and everything else was so much more interesting to question.

Plus you learn a little more about all different cultures.

I know nothing about Berserkers so it surprised me when Anna told me that the mushroom that Bjorn was eating probably was the drugs he took to get into a Berserker rage, I honestly thought Berserkers were made up. She also is the one that told me she doesn’t think that Askeladd is a Viking which makes sense seeing there was a very big us and you feel to his conversation with Floki that again I just shrugged off that he was talking about the Jomsviking instead of him not being a Viking and talking as a outsider to the total cultural mind set.

Really enjoying the series so far and whilst there is a wait for the next episode I can’t wait to see what it brings.

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