Anime Highlights Week 23

So you might see in every single Anime Highlights blog I say “I don’t know when this is coming out but I’ll hope that I’ll be up to date when it is” and the funny thing is I’m always up to date when I write this in various different ways.

Problem is I then have all the drafts sat around for a week longer than needed because my depression doesn’t motivate me to publish anything.

So here we are again with a false hope that maybe, just maybe, on this final day of Week 23, this comes out in the very near future.

What next?

Saitama doesn’t really know what it is he wants to achieve in the world, not only that but we have to have a comeback to the Monster invasion right?

Tanjiro has kind of a answer to his problems but what path is he going to lead and what kind of Demons is he going to have to fight next?

Nezuko being Pure is everything…

So thanks to the hypnotic suggestion given to her by Urokodaki, Nezuko see’s every human as her family but has also decided that she see’s Tamayo and Yushiro as humans and therefore family too.

I mean Nezuko’s story so far has been one where you just fall in love with this girl who was turned into a Demon but still managed to keep a shred of humanity thanks to her love of her brother which is pure in itself but now seeing her bring happiness and protect people because she thinks they are her family is just adorable.

Nezuko is everything in a show that also had…. Monster Demon Arms sprout out of another Demon and murder it in the most gruesome of ways……..


Also I don’t actually know why this is here, it is very obviously not part of this week or I’m just so lost in weeks but yeah I’m keeping it here.

Whistling Assassin…

One of the only moments in Fairy Gone that might make any kind of list was Liscar whistling away to himself as he walked towards the palace in the middle of a invasion.

Many things made this cool.

The fact that Liscar is a bad ass in general, the fact that the music then played over the whistling perfectly and of course the obvious fact that we all knew what was happening so seeing him just whistle whilst marching was great.

Fairy Gone is a good show with a lot of potential hidden behind a lot of not so good stuff. This moment though showed its full potential just a shame the rest of the series didn’t do it.

Sometimes you just have to remember that things were human before.

From the Demons in Demon Slayer to the Titans in Attack on Titan we get subtle reminders that these “monsters” were actually humans that didn’t deserve anything that has happened to them.

Neither has really ever not made that clear but there are always moments like Armin’s dream where he see’s the Colossal Titan, former Bertholdt, crying that reminds you that these are humans with their own motivations and whilst we might not know them they are there.

In Demon Slayer it is a little different because obviously these people are turned the way they are for the fun of one Demon in particular but it is never a nice reminder that these monsters were humans who had their lives ruined and for what?

Of course Dororo takes this to a completely different level again where we see humans turned to Demons because of pain, ideology and fear. In fact having to remember that not everything is the way it looks is a big part of Dororo so it would only be fair to add it to this part of the highlights honestly.


There is so much to love about Zenitsu but this line might be the best thing I’ve ever heard. His fear took to new levels when he couldn’t even stand because he was scared and then got terrified… To sleep.

Still him screaming about his fear being 80% in his knees is my favourite line in this show so far.

Turns out him being asleep is what keeps him alive, he is actually a competent Demon Slayer when he’s sleep walking. Still.

80% my dudes.

Tahomaru’s Third Eye.

Deserving of a mention.

How Tahomaru right now can say anything about humanity or anything when he has three eyes I don’t know. Kid looks sick as hell but also poor Tahomaru.

Inosuke Hashibira…. Our new Boar like friend….

So whilst Zenitsu is a sweetie pie that needs to be protected at all costs we have a pain in the ass called Hashibira who doesn’t care much about defeating the Demons but instead just wants to fight just about anyone he could.

This new cast of characters is fantastic and it is a brilliant episode to introduce them in.

More Friends…

So with Tanjiro making friends in Demon Slayer it is only fair that we see the return of friends and just how far Miyako has come in Midnight Occult Civil Servants.

As Satoru’s plan to burn the silkworm babies failed miserably and the Princess/Goddess/Whatever attacked it was up to Miyako to weave the silk into thread for her and he didn’t do it alone.

We had ALL the wards come out to help plus the Angels and Tengu which just reminded us how far this series came. From the Romeo and Juliet story of the Angels of Tengu where we were told how different the Anothers were to humans and Miyako learnt that he could talk to them to now when he recruits them more as friends then as anything else.

Friends really do save the day.

More and More RPG less and less interesting…

So The Rising of the Shield Hero yeah?

We all knew that they had basically been transported into a game world even though Naofumi had never played a MMO in his life and was reading a book I believe when he got transported there but never has it felt more like something along the lines of Sword Art Online or Overlord then it has the last two episodes and this one, with the actual grinding happening, is the worst of the episodes so far.

I don’t even know if I liked the episodes or not right now.

That being said at least this episode is leading into another Wave. That at least is a good thing.

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