Dr. Stone : King of the Stone World

Episode 2

After a year of brewing and working hard the pair of Taiju and Senku finally have created their own nital solution and were even able to free a bird from its petrified prison.

We know what is going to happen in this episode.

They are going to free a human. Possibly a girl that one of them has now waited 3,705 years to tell that he has feelings for…

That was the plan anyway until lions attack.

Again I’m not too sure what this series is going to be, I don’t quite get where Tsukasa Shishio, the ultimate fighter of their school, fits in with everything and where it actually wants to go.

So they have to wake this guy up to help fight the lions which is all good and well but this is also after a conversation that never explained why the clothes people were wearing actually FULLY disappeared, to the point they aren’t even etched in the stone or anything, without a single question on how if our clothes can’t survive being petrified then sitting in a crouched position for 3,700 years isn’t going to leave him with serious cramp or a problem to communicate straight off the bat.

Thing is I turned a blind eye to Taiju just getting up and shaking things off because he seems a stereotypical meat head but this actually stretched my ability to believe a bit.

I know, it is just a anime, but I don’t watch shows like this very often and when I do I ALWAYS have a problem with things that logically don’t sit with me and this is one of them.

It was just the ability for Tsukasa to not just wake up and attack lions but to instantly tell that someone was in trouble and needed help, being able to formulate a plan of attack and then after the battle formulate a plan to get himself into the group and instantly know that he has ulterior motives behind joining them.

For me his character being awoken and not just naturally coming back was a mistake.

Whilst the other two having their own motivations on waking up makes sense because I’m guessing we’re being led to believe that this is what kept them “awake” and able to wake up naturally, Tsukasa was just forcibly woken up. We know that there is a dream state because Senku’s flashback showed that he fought it so without seeing Tsukasa being able to think during these 3,700 years then as far as we know he was fully asleep had to be woken up manually and instantly was a killing machine.

He later on then turned into Mr Anti-Adult which is becoming a big thing in media at the moment I think.

I get it to a point and his speech was something that I agreed with but I agreed for a different reason. For a reason that Senku kind of hinted to earlier which is basically that Tsukasa is unstoppable in this world. His strength beats everything else, he has the power. Senku then has secondary power, he has the power to control simple minded meat heads like Taiju and maybe be useful enough to get their own way in a world where a Tsukasa is in charge but the point is at the end of the day what Tsukasa wants… There actually isn’t anyone to stop him from getting it.

That is how society was created.

Whilst this isn’t a fight of two ideologies because Senku wants to bring everyone back for scientific pride it honestly is a slippery slope to think that any one group of people is better than the other. No matter what society you go to build there will need to be laws, whatever you want to do there will need to be some sort of currency so that trading can be a thing. Already there is a power unbalance in their trio with Tsukasa, Taiju and Senku all being worth different things. Tsukasa could survive easily and comfortably but he won’t be able to progress, Taiju probably wouldn’t survive easily because he isn’t that smart but he would be able to gather himself enough to survive if he started to figure out what he can and can’t eat whilst Senku might be able to progress and can even survive but his time will be taken up gathering over progressing.

All three need each other.

With more people though, more skills will come out.

What if the next person they bring back is Taiju and she doesn’t have any natural skill like the other three therefore has to do cooking or maintaining, I know that sounds really sexist but at the end of the day she’s the only other character we know of right now, if Tsukasa turned around and said “actually you don’t really give that much to the group, I can cook my own meat so why should I give you any?” what could she do?

That is when society slowly starts to turn into what it was when they were petrified.

It is also why Tsukasa of all people is going to be the most likely to turn it that way.

He was a interesting enough character but he just didn’t really fit and I didn’t really like him all that much. Plus it just made me wonder where they are actually going and whether or not he’s even going to be a “good” guy as it were. I don’t really want to have any good or bad people.

It was alright though.

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