Anime Highlights Week 22

I honestly don’t know how the other two weeks highlights will come out or when everything will be up to date but here we are in week 22 no matter what week this actually comes out on.


It is a funny but it is also a serious…

I wanted to start by saying how much me and Luc both loved how Zenitsu’s addition to Demon Slayer made everything so much better.

We now get serious and funny all mixed in together at the same time.

Tanjiro handles the serious whilst being able to be funny and Zenitsu has a panic attack and tries to force women to marry him because he’s a weakling that doesn’t want to die alone just like me.

Demon Slayer might actually be picking up with my addition to the cast.

A Cruel and Heavy Fate.

Hyakkimaru is going to war with his family so that he can be a full person this is also changing him as a person because the more he kills, the more he finds his purpose the worse he is getting.

As he marches towards Diego with Dororo hopelessly by his side the Fate of this land, the Fate of this world bears down on everyone.

It might be Hyakkimaru that has a Heavy Fate to bear but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t hard for just about everyone. As the pact with the Demons fails even more Diego is forced to burn down villages and kill villagers that have been effected by plagues, force men to leave their villages to fight for him and basically just return to where he was when he made the pact in the first place.

His Fate is a heavy one too.

It is so heavy that it is falling on his son and his two friends, pretty much the only family Tahomaru really had too, to solve it.

None of them though have the full picture, none of them are sure what it is that they really fight for and that heavy burden is killing everyone and putting everyone in a bad situation. 

Talking of heavy fates and all…

We have Attack on Titan basically leaving the Fate of the people in the wall on Armin’s shoulders.

I know that Luc’s review was mainly about how much he hates Mikasa and all that but one thing I think that no one is talking about is that the decision to save Armin over Erwin basically means that if at any point the Scouts fail that failure can be put on Levi and Armin’s shoulders.

Armin might have been picked by Erwin himself but if anyone ever finds out that the choice was between Erwin and Armin and then Armin fails to deliver then the fate of that world will be his to bare.

Or you’d think someone would say something like that.

Specially if it fails.


So Demon Slayer is finally actually getting away from the main story of trying to turn Nezuko back to human and actually focusing on what I thought the first half would have focused on and that is… Tanjiro being a Demon Slayer.

We finally meet Zenitsu and get introduced to the dude with the boar head that are arguing at the end of the end credits and I got my hopes up we would have met earlier, thankfully this season is actually a double so we’ll get to see plenty of them.

Whilst Zenitsu is hilarious and precious and must be protected I can’t wait to see what angry Boar dude is like.


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