Vinland Saga : Somewhere Not Here

Episode 1

Koko dewanai dokoka” (ここではないどこか)

A story set around the 1000AD period starting with a young Thorfinn in his village in Iceland. I’m not sure where the show is going to go but I instantly knew this was one I wanted to watch.

On paper it sounds like nothing special but it was such a beautiful episode with some really fun characters that I couldn’t help but lose myself to it.

Right now the main character seemingly is a little boy called Thorfinn, I have a feeling that with three episodes out in one day this is going to do one hell of a time skip at some point and Thorfinn’s adventures as a young adult will be what the series really focuses on and if that is true I think I like seeing these little moments that are seemingly shaping him into what he’ll be for the majority of the rest of the season.

With him just being a curious little boy in this episode it was his father and Leif that really stole the show.

Leif with his tales of travelling and his little bits of knowledge on how their people came to be where they are slowly start to instill a adventurous spirit into Thorfinn. He is intrigued by the thought of a far away, fertile and green land called Vinland but also isn’t too sure how he feels about the way his people came to Iceland.

His father seems to be where any kind of compassion and love for other people will come in.

Whilst nothing much really happened in this episode other than Leif talking a lot the one actual story that wasn’t just something out of Leif’s mouth was that of a run away slave. His father did his best to save the man and even knowing that he was going to die he was happy to give the slaves owner 8 of their best sheep for the mans life so that he didn’t have to suffer anymore.

That kind of compassion on a warrior isn’t anything new but it’ll be interesting to see if that is the path that his son goes down.

It doesn’t really tell you much on what to expect for the rest of the season though. I’ve deduced through the opening credits that it’ll have a time skip but if I’m honest I know nothing much about that time period so whether it actually has any part to play in true history or is a complete fiction I don’t know. I wouldn’t even know what happened around that time that could effect the story.

Also I guess I have to admit that I honestly thought that pretty much all kings on that side of the world were called Harald/Harold in any story so I don’t even know if the King of Norway thing is true or not.

I might learn something. Who knows.

One thought on “Vinland Saga : Somewhere Not Here”

  1. Vinland Saga is one of the best historical manga I’ve ever read. It’s REALLY accurate, the author went out of his way doing research and backpacking across Europe to experience the same places the Vikings did a long time ago.

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