Mayonaka No Occult Koumuin : The Shinjuku Ward Nocturnal Community Relations Division [END]

Episode 12

Shinjuku-ku Yakan Chi’iki Kōryūka” (新宿区夜間地域交流課)

With everything with the silkworm Princess over it is time for us to end this series which has been a rollercoaster throughout.

From Angels falling in love with Tengus, drunk Gods and creepy things kidnapping humans in various different ways to a battle of opinions and the question of how different Anothers really are to humans it has had everything.

So now what?

We get a nice little episode with Volos, a Ukraine God that had been forgotten and therefore he lost his memories and his powers.

There isn’t much to talk about to be honest, most of it was just a montage of Miyako trying to find him a home and him slowly getting better until we learn that he’s accidentally sucking the life force out of Miyako but even that was downplayed because it was just meant to be a episode showing that Miyako knows what his job is and that he’ll do it no matter what.

Which was nice.

Also kind of pointless.

Nice though.

As a finale it wasn’t anything special but seeing Volos at the end after figuring out who he is and having a new vessel was actually pretty worth it, he was a decent character though it annoyed me that so many of the Anothers just shunned him without actually telling Miyako why or Miyako even asking why.

I really liked Volos though, it was nice to see a Another who kind of got humanity. He tried to walk away when he learnt he was taking Miyako’s life force and he was just a person really.

It didn’t really fit in with the themes from the last few episodes and it also didn’t really do much other than show off how Miyako knows his place but it was a bit too in your face with any point it was trying to make which didn’t stop it from being a good episode but it was kind of a weak finale.

Overall though the series has been good and it was nice I guess to have a relaxing end to a series that had its ups and downs when it came to drama.

2 thoughts on “Mayonaka No Occult Koumuin : The Shinjuku Ward Nocturnal Community Relations Division [END]”

  1. “Which was nice.

    Also kind of pointless.

    Nice though.”

    Looking back, that’s what I really liked about this episode. It was just nice. It’s exactly what I wanted to see after the climax in the previous episode.

    Now, I’d like to see a season 2! But I won’t be greedy; season 1 was nicely packaged and delivered!

    1. I agree that it would be nice to have a season 2 but season 1 was so good that I can live without it for a while. Would be a shame if there wasn’t a second season though as the characters were so fun to get to know and there is so much potential for both top quality drama and some fun little episodes still. I feel it is a show that could do a second season quite easily and still feel fresh.

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