Dr. Stone : Stone World

Episode 1

In a world that has seen humanity turned to stone it is down to the two guys who have been awoken to free them. Possibly? I think they’ll at least free some people.

After doing some pretty serious anime last season I was just looking forward to doing something a bit more fun.

Fun is the key word to episode 1. I mean it had its serious parts after all the entire world has just been turned to stone but it was just something easy to sit back and watch.

Taiju and Senku are a interesting pair and work well together. I like that it is just so simple, they don’t have Taiju trying to understand or feeling bad about things. He’s a meat head and doesn’t care that this is what he is and he’ll use his brute strength and stamina to do things that Senku, the brains of the operation, would just be wasting his time doing. Together they are able to do great things, things that Senku could do on his own but admitted that just to survive it took him all day to do the little things that Taiju can do in a instant.

This made the episode easier to follow because Senku is a scientist and there were a lot of science-y bits that without someone who actually said things like “nah that is the brainy stuff I don’t get it” would just become tedious to listen to.

I don’t really get what their plan is, I know Senku wants to rebuild the world from where they are now but I don’t really get how he plans on doing it.

What they were doing in this episode was simply find a way to break the stone and get the people/animals out of it unharmed. They don’t know why they two in particular were already out or even why Senku was able to leave the stone prison before Taiju. The science behind it was pretty interesting and I liked that they didn’t dwell on it for long and had a montage of not only them doing what they were doing but actually bonding in a way. It meant that for them a year went by in one episode but we also got to kind of see that year of bonding without it just flashing forward.

There is a whole bunch of questions the show brings up like why does it seem humans AND birds were effected and nothing else?

We’ve seen that animals didn’t get turned to stone because when we had the montage of nature taking back the world we saw deer and wolves still out and about but we also haven’t seen Taiju try and hunt anything or even any interaction and they have a collection of birds that have been petrified.

In fact even before the humans were it seems that at least a single bird had been.

I would like to hope that they get a explanation at some point over what happened but if it turns out to be more of a slice of life in a world that has thrown its inhabitants, those that aren’t stone, back to the stone age then I’m kind of all for that too. It’ll be annoying not getting answers but I think I’d quite like it.

Good first episode.

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