Bungou Stray Dogs Season 3 : Cannibalism (Part Three)

Episode 36

Tomogui (Sono San)” (共喰い(其の三))

It will be up to Fukuzawa and Mori to make sure that their groups don’t go to war and kill themselves over a game set up by Dostoyevsky.

I hope neither die.

Just when you think you know what is going on something unexpected happens.

I mean this talk of balance was obviously leading somewhere and whilst I think I understood the jist of it this episode expanded on that greatly by introducing us to Natsume, the man who created this balance between not only the Mafia and the Agency but the Government too.

He has been a cat all this time but he’s apparently super powerful and smart enough that he put Mori in charge of the Mafia, Fukuzawa in charge of the Agency and kept a balance with them and the Government that now that it is about to fall to pieces means he has to come out of retirement to put his underlings into action.

Which means for now neither Fukuzawa or Mori are dead.

It also lead to Atsushi and Akutagawa working together which is a strange thing to see. We seem to have a much calmer version of Akutagawa at the moment anyway and he seems totally focused on saving the Boss as well as his utmost goal of making Dazai see him as a equal.

That being said by the end of the episode he also had been marked by the Cannibalism poison and Pushkin is very much getting away from them as Atsushi stumbles trying to help his foe.

I’m guessing he might be attacked to Dazai unless you can have more then two people in this thing and he’s going to die the same time as the two bosses if they don’t sort this out. We still don’t actually know who shot Dazai but it was a vague enough looking shape to have been Pushkin if that is the story they will tell. That being said I also have some big questions on Atsushi.

How does his power even work at the moment?

He seems to at will be able to transform and be super fast, super agile and the rest of it though when the most important job he has is right there in front of him, that being to apprehend Pushkin, he chases after him as a human and even wonders how he’ll catch up to him on a minecart when… We saw him use his ability to be super fast like five minutes before that to bypass all the sensors at the entrance to the hideout.

It is honestly baffling sometimes how they use Atsushi.

Both him and Akutagawa, to be fair most of them if I’m honest, are over powered but whilst they took Akutagawa out of action pretty well this forgetting about his special powers of Atsushi is confusing. I don’t know if I just don’t understand his powers at all but it winds me up just not being able to understand him at all.

As the next episode is the final episode I guess they aren’t going to be able to bring down Dostoyevsky but maybe they’ll be able to catch Pushkin…


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