Anime Highlights Week 21

I am trying so hard to make sure that all of this week’s anime highlights get put in here and not accidentally in week 20 so bare with me if some of the weeks get muddled up.

If all goes to plan this will be the first kind of on time one we’ve done most of the year!

End of the Story as we know it?

This is it.

This is what Attack on Titan for all these episodes was building too and the Scouts… Win?

I mean they beat the Colossal and Armoured Titan, kind of also beat the Beast too just unfortunately for them he managed to get away when the Cartman Titan, yes I found out his name people it is Cartman and I am pissing myself over here, and will be able to repair the wall and populate the outside part of the cities again.

Just at what cost?

Armin, Erwin, a unknown amount of Scout Recruits and Scouts in general…

Thankfully Hange is OK though.

What next though?

This is the end of one story but it isn’t the end of Attack on Titan so we have to believe what happens next is all our knowledge will be completed and the world will open up and we’ll… Find a new threat I guess. Plus I mean they have to go after Beast and Cartman… What a team.

And Again…

Because to be fair both deserve their own point but the story as we knew it also ended for Dororo.

I mean to be honest with you the series was always leading to what is about to happen but at the same time a part of what this series was about has now died and the true end goal is in sight.

One of the things I loved about Dororo and I think Luc did too was that it looked like it was the story of a one man Demon killing Machine but ended up being about the relationship a small girl and a guy who had had his entire body eaten by Demons could create. The story of Hyakkimaru living in his own head on his own to being introduced to the world by Dororo was a sweet one and in this weeks episode it looked like maybe that was the story that was going to prevail just for the hard truth to return.

Dororo is nearly over but the story of Hyakkimaru and Dororo slowly growing as people is over and it is now time for Hyakkimaru’s final stand.

Or maybe not but there was a tonal shift which will make the final episodes even better.

Monsters Attack!

So We had Levi facing off against the remaining Titans in this weeks Attack on Titan which is always a terrifying thing but at the same time we had Monsters still rampaging and showing their dominance in One Punch Man.

It was probably the Gouketsu/Bakuzan double act in One Punch Man that really was a highlight.

What the episode did so well was show how the Monsters had basically won. They have. Even if Saitama takes care of one or two now they had a set of goals and now they are falling back. With all the talk of strong people being outside of the ranks of Heroes and seeing that in Suriyu you had to wonder what would happen if the Monsters attacked them.

Well the truth is that being strong and a good person don’t go hand in hand.

You might be weaker then someone in say the Hero Alliance but if you call yourself a Hero you are doing so because you want to protect people whether you are weak or not. Snek and Max both did their best to help Suriyu who was stronger then them but Suriyu had already lost the will to fight because he had been bettered. In the end he realised that in everyone’s moment of need they look for the light and that light is the Heroes no matter how weak or strong.

All this whilst two very scary former humans destroyed him in their Monster form.

The Monsters are making a bigger impact on the world then they know.

Dostoyevsky ALSO attacks!

That is right!

Bungou Stray Dogs is starting to heat up, after the initial flashback at the beginning of the season and then the putting of pieces back on the chess board it is finally getting somewhere.

That somewhere is with the President of the Agency and Mafia in hospital with a cannibalizing poison in their body that within 48 hours will kill them both if one isn’t killed before that.

If I was to kind of describe the show to you this kind of thing would come as a bit of a shock. The characters tend to fall into stupid moments, it is very light hearted even when it is serious and is just filled with random characters named after writers with one motif from a book or their real life stuck onto them and made 100 times more ridiculous/weird then they are.

Yet at its heart it is a story about gangs. It is a story about extremely powerful people who have their own goals in life. It is about a Mafia and a Agency that hate each other and other groups from around the world stoking those fires so they can take over.

This episode had all the funny bits, it made characters like Ranpo who are usually light hearted and fun have to take a serious stand. It was the episode that cemented it as my absolute favourite anime of all time.

Dream Demons…

Meeting Anothers is always a fun thing in Mayonaka no Occult Koumuin but the dream demon is probably so far one of my favourites.

I mean it is cute and small and just wanted to play but the majority of the episode was actually pretty terrifying because all we knew was that it was trapping kids into dreams.

Its interactions with Miyako and unfortunate fate all made the episode so much more fun but was just so sad too.

Who’d have thunk it the Queen is OP?

So you might have heard Luc’s angry typing as after a fantastic battle with the four Heroes finally united in the Rising of the Shield Hero, at the very last second we had the Queen show up to save the day.

The Queen who always knew Naofumi was innocent.

The Queen who always knew her eldest daughter was a bitch.

The Queen who could have got off her fat ass, well she’s skinny but you know what I mean, and done something millions of episodes ago and didn’t.

Yeah she showed up.

In all her over powered greatness she showed up finally to put somethings to rest.

Why couldn’t we have that before now?!

Whilst the story might have been different if she had shown up, whilst she would have had to be different for the story to be anything similar it doesn’t matter. It is a giant plot hole that a over powered character sat away watching the evils her family, her family who aren’t as powerful as her, were doing just to show up when she could be bothered.

Sure the Church held a bigger threat to the world as a whole then people thinking Naofumi was a rapist but think how this would have all ended up if she actually just sat down and went “right, Demi-Humans aren’t subhuman so pack it the hell in husband of mine. Naofumi isn’t a rapist my daughter is a bitch, no the evils of the world aren’t all on the Shield and can we please stop with the three Heroes Church bullshit and recognise we have four? Please thank you.”

Now I KNOW that this is probably going to be a whole “well I couldn’t do anything when people saw the Church as the good guys but now we can prove they aren’t” kind of thing it is still bullshit to have had her sit in the shadows for so long doing NOTHING. LITERALLY NOTHING.

At least she’s going to save Naofumi hey?

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