Stranger Things 3 : Chapter Eight : The Battle of Starcourt

Russian’s, Mind Flayers, children, Winona Ryder and a crazy man who just lost his best friend.

We have the final battle of the season coming up.

I’m not sure I could ever do this episode justice.

It was incredible from beginning to end.

During every part of the episode you were kept in suspense not sure who was even going to make it out alive but all the way through it kept that kind of innocent feel it always has because no matter what situation the kids are in they bring this sense of “it’ll work if you just do it right” attitude that just fits.

This includes possibly the greatest moment of the series as a whole when WE FINALLY GET TO MEET SUZIE and her and Dustin sing the theme song to the Neverending Story.

In the middle of one group being attacked by the Mind Flayer with Billy on the outside keeping them locked in, three people in the Russian base waiting for a code that’ll help them shut the gate and just about everything else going on we have Dustin and Suzy singing together.

It was magical.

It was everything Stranger Things has always been, that nostalgic look at the 80s through the eyes of a bunch of kids that have been thrown into some really deep and adult stuff but who never give up or never falter.

That was just one of many great moments that Stranger Things is just perfect at delivering.

Murray was one of the stars of the episode, even though he technically didn’t get into many scrapes and was safe most of the episode his disbelief at having to be helped by kids was great and his actual warmth to Hopper and Joyce was felt in the little moments. Him befriending briefly another Russian was hilarious too and to see him go from who he was when he opened his door to who he was in this episode was amazing.

Billy was the outright star though.

Bad guy Billy. Billy who was a narcissistic dick who hated everyone and did what he wanted.

Billy who loved his mum and got stuck with a abusive dad who made him feel like the only way to be “a man” was to be the man he turned into. Who actually did in some capacity love his sister. Billy the man who just needed to be told he was cared for but was always made to feel like he’d only be loved if he acted the way he did.

Billy the guy who had been possessed by the Mind Flayer for so long.

Yes that Billy.

In one of the most heartbreaking moments that was obviously coming as you could see the emotions on Billy’s face as he was forced to do things he didn’t want to do, Eleven finally got through to him and he sacrificed himself for her against the Mind Flayer in a ridiculously amazing scene where Lucas’ idea to chuck fireworks at the Mind Flayer lit up the inside of the mall and made for a wonderful battle with it.

Max’s reaction to the death of her brother was only matched by Eleven’s when she not only found out that Hopper hadn’t made it back but read the “speech” that he was going to give along with the note at the bottom he made for himself about how he feels about Eleven.

It was a emotional episode with so many goodbyes including the entire Byers family along with Eleven finally leaving Hawkins.

This isn’t a goodbye completely though. They had a post credit scene that I feel not only hints that someone we know is stuck in Russia but outright shows us that the Russian’s have a Demogorgon. What that means for the future I don’t know but it makes a bunch of characters leaving and/or dead interesting.

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